My symbolic sardines are what make me who I am


My friend Kate and I take a picture in good lighting.

Every once in a while I enjoy sardines — 

I consume them—  

but they also are a symbol that sets me apart from some people. 

Surely, not many human beings share the love of eating sardines in the manner that I do. 

The sun’s heartbeat burns brightly as it graces the summer weather, 

I can hear the birds, 

I can hear the wind, 

and I can feel the comfort from the ever-shining sun as I sit atop a chair on my deck overlooking the lake. 

For that is when I consume my sardines. 

For me, my friends and sardines are the same symbols

For they both are what make me a different human being.

Oh, the sardines symbolize my best friend Liberty —who has put up with me since we were young and is like my sister— 

they symbolize my other best friend Kate—who undoubtedly will venture into the unknown with me— 

and they symbolize my other best friend Chase—who is like my little brother I always wanted— 

for one day, my sardines will be gone.