Maggie Sneider lives for the competition in the numerous sports she plays


Maggie Sneider

Maggie Sneider playing lacrosse, one of the three sports she participates in

Grace Crook, Staff Writer

For some, competition may be seen as overwhelming, but for freshman Maggie Sneider, it is anything but formidable. Hitting a good block in volleyball is something she will always find exhilarating.

Since she was young, Maggie has adored the rivalry side in the sports she’s been playing, but also learning to enjoy it all together. Between balancing homework and spending time with friends, she uses sports as a way to relax and take her focus away from the rest of her life.

“The competitiveness is good to get out any aggression I have and my emotions,” Maggie said. “I’m pretty competitive, so it all works out.” 

Maggie hasn’t been playing volleyball long but has learned a lot in just the two years she’s been doing it. Though she is competitive, she likes using volleyball as a way to settle down and catch up with her friends.

I was a little young to have a real opinion on it, but I’m glad they did.”

— Maggie

“I’m newer to volleyball,” Maggie said. “It’s definitely more fun and not as competitive as other sports have gotten over the years.”

Through her friends, she was persuaded to give volleyball a try and now sees it as a potential future sport to continue. Maggie loves making new friends each year, and she appreciates the continual push to become a better player. 

“Over time, I’ve tried to try new things in volleyball,” Maggie said. “Being with my friends and on a team has made me better already.” 

But Maggie doesn’t only excel in volleyball; she also plays lacrosse through the school and clubs. Her club lacrosse experience has been positive since she gets the opportunity to meet people from all over. 

While she has played since the fifth grade, her parents were the ones to suggest and sign her up for the intense sport. They never regretted their decision; she willingly went into the sport with a good spirit.

“[My parents] wanted me to get out and try new things,” Maggie said. “I was a little young to have a real opinion on it, but I’m glad they did.”

Maggie goes into lacrosse with her game face on and a positive attitude. With her eagerness to experience different positions, she got moved to play defense this year. Already loving the new position, she’s excited to go into this season and improve further.  

Most would agree that playing two sports during the school year is a handful already, but Maggie is unstoppable as she also plays basketball in and out of season. Through Michigan Basketball Academy or MBA, she enjoys going to tournaments with her friends and the spirit of the game. 

“I enjoy working as a team,” said Maggie, who has been playing basketball since second grade. “For basketball, [it’s rewarding to get] the most points as I can.”

Aside from all her engaging sports, she finds it difficult to keep up with school and find the motivation to complete her work. Most of her practices run late into the evening, so she tries to find a small window of time beforehand to catch up. Maggie has found that it’s been hard to manage her time between keeping up with her studies, practicing for sports, and still getting the opportunity to hang out with her friends.

“My friends are definitely very understanding,” Maggie said. “Some of [my friends] are in sports as well, so they know what it’s like to be busy.” 

In the past few years, Maggie has learned that competition can be fun. The friendships she’s made in her sports have lasted years and will only continue to grow. Though she still is learning to juggle everything she has on her plate, she will always continue to love her sports and continue to succeed in the future.

“I’m still learning [time management] throughout all my seasons,” Maggie said. “But I love [my sports], and I can definitely see myself playing for college.”