28th Street Nutrition puts a healthy twist on sweet treats


Sofia Hargis-Acevedo

On the right, is my Brownie Batter Shake and on the left, is my Skittles iced tea; both were delicious, I definitely recommend.

I have always been a picky eater.

Every component factors into whether or not I like what is on my plate: taste, texture, even smell. It is extremely difficult to find the median between appetizing and nutritious.  

Nestled in between Pearle Vision and Suit House Menswear near Woodland Mall, 28th Street Nutrition has a quaint location in a petite strip mall.

Walking into 28th Street Nutrition, I was welcomed by a modern and refreshing aesthetic and a very kind employee. The layout of the building is very open and bright with an abundance of plants lined up on shelves against the walls. The tables are spaced out evenly, which is perfect for the COVID-19 guidelines. In the front corner, there are a couple of cushion chairs surrounding a table next to a small area where people can take cute pictures. 

Nestled in between Pearle Vision and Suit House Menswear near Woodland Mall, 28th Street Nutrition has a quaint location at a petite strip mall.”

The menu for 28th Street Nutrition has a wide variety of shakes and teas, making it difficult for me to decide. I was told by the worker that the shakes and teas were made with different nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fibers–also, that their shakes can be substituted for a meal. He also mentioned if I ordered a shake, I will also get a complimentary tea and a flavored aloe vera shot.   

With all of this information in mind, I ordered a Brownie Batter Shake and a Skittles iced tea—none of the aloe shot flavors were up my alley, so I requested for him to leave it out of the order. My dad came with me, ordering the same thing I did, just different flavors. 

The order was a bit pricey: rounding up to around seventeen dollars with the tip—making it about seven dollars per shake. We also got one dollar off since I was a student. Normally, customers will show their student ID to get the discount, but the worker just figured I was a student and subtracted the dollar. Another discount that people can get is if they bring a friend that is new to 28th Street Nutrition, they will also get a dollar off of their order. When we were done checking out, my dad and I were both handed a two-dollar coupon for the next time we came.

After checking out, my dad and I found our way to one of the tables to try our shakes and teas, the first thing I tried being the Brownie Batter Shake. I had speculations about whether or not these would taste any good—I was foolish to allow that thought to cross my mind. It was delicious. The chocolate shake did have a chalky aftertaste, but it was overshadowed by the outstanding flavor.

After marveling over the Brownie Batter Shake, I tried the Skittles iced tea. Not being much of a tea person, I was worried that I would be disappointed; my reaction was quite the opposite. The iced tea has a refreshing, citrusy flavor to it that left me satisfied.

When I left 28th Street Nutrition, I found myself feeling extremely content over finding something that I enjoy with my picky palate. It still amazes me that the drinks there are healthy considering the sugary flavors—I will definitely be returning soon.