I have puppy dog eyes for my puppies


A rare sighting of Lucy and Luna cuddling

Whether I’ve had the best or worst possible day, I can always rely on my dogs to give me a warm welcome home.

They’re my constant of every day; I can always depend on my Bernedoodle, Luna, and my Daisy Dog, Lucy, to give me a lifetime supply of kisses and snuggles after a long day. 

Before early December, I only had one cream-colored, ten-pound fluffy dog awaiting my arrival back home. Now, I am lucky enough to have not just Lucy’s presence but Luna’s twenty-five-pound body racing to jump into my arms as well.  

Lucy and Luna both bring such different dynamics—with Luna being an absolute tank. She is the most clumsy yet energetic dog I’ve ever met; she flings herself from wall to wall when trying to simply run up to me. She slips, slides, and skids all over our hardwood flooring like she has no idea how to run on her own four feet. 

Lucy, on the other hand, is mellow and timid. She loves naps but also adores her family. So, she compromises and naps on her family. She is a lover of treats but not her own food—which is quite peculiar actually; simply enough, Lucy just likes the aspect of being rewarded. 

Lucy and Luna together are a power duo. 

However, they do have one thing in common: their urgency for treats. Whenever the word is mentioned, their ears perk up, halt whatever they’re doing, and run to whoever said ‘treat.’”

Although they’re not the best of friends, love prevails. Oftentimes, Luna can be an unintentional bully towards Lucy, dragging her by her tail, gnawing on her legs for fun. But, Luna is still learning the correct ways to show her love since she is only four months old. She is still teething, so she uses her sister as her own personal chewing toy.

The one thing I love about my dogs most is that they love you for you—with human beings, that’s not always the case. That’s why dogs are such a blessing in this world. They’re so oblivious yet earnest. 

I convince myself that Lucy and Luna know all my emotions. I convince myself that, when I’m sad, they’re extra loving. When I’m angry, they’re extra loving. Who am I kidding? They’re always extra-loving. No matter what time of day, Lucy and Luna always provide me with the affection and appreciation I don’t always deserve.

Their personalities differ so drastically, and that’s what makes them so compatible.

When Lucy gets too excited, she starts shaking like a leaf. If I’m creeping towards her to give her some surprise belly rubs, or if I stare at her for too long, hinting at a treat, her whole little body will start jittering uncontrollably—she’s so itty bitty that she can’t control her excitement.

Opposingly, Luna will throw herself onto you like a bulldozer. We nicknamed her Bear Claw because of her unusually similar traits to a bear cub. Luna definitely sees herself as some little baby dog who weighs nothing, but, little does she know, we can barely pick her up because of her size. Because of this interpretation of herself, Luna jumps on us and steps on us like she’s Lucy’s diameter. She snores and grunts like she’s a fifty-year-old man in a deep sleep, but it is the cutest thing in the world. 

However, they do have one thing in common: their urgency for treats. Whenever the word is mentioned, their ears perk up, halt whatever they’re doing, and run to whoever said “treat.” With Luna, we have been working on taking it nicely rather than jumping straight to tricks. Luna gets so overwhelmed with excitement that she tends to snatch the treat and run—that’s why we’ve been training her to take the treat from our hand nicely and slowly. Lucy, on the contrary, is a master. She can twirl, bark, sneeze, shake—the list goes on. Nonetheless, both their qualities and treat-receiving abilities show nothing but personality.   

So to Luna, a.k.a. Looney Tunes, Bear Claw, Puppy Luna, and to Lucy, Luce, Lucifer, I know you’re not reading this because you mentally cannot process words, but I love you two with every part of my being, and I always will.