Alex Shier’s love for international relations has broadened his spectrum on life

Thanks to senior Alex Shier’s experience from his old Montessori school, he stands out from some other students because he truly loves learning.

While other students attended typical schools with a set curriculum, Alex was able to find what he truly loves thanks to his Montessori school experience. 

“I didn’t go to public school until middle school,” Alex said. “Prior to that, I went to Montessori school—it allowed us to learn with no set curriculum. We were able to learn according to our own passions.”

As soon as Alex figured out that he was interested in international relations, he knew it was what he wanted to study. Through his old school’s program, Alex was able to find his love for geography, as well. He wasn’t exactly the best at retaining information until he found geography. This led him to join one of the very few clubs offered at his old school, Model UN. 

“After finding geography, it led me straight to Model UN,” Alex said. “It was the most logical choice since it allows us to interact with other countries and connect learning with geography which is why I love it so much. I am currently furthering my love though Model UN and the pace club,” 

Through Model UN Alex is given a perspective of other countries while at the same time learning about his own and how they end up interacting with each other.

“Model UN it’s all about trying to find a solution to a complex problem all the while trying to do it from the perspective of another country,” Alex said. 

He really loves the Model UN experience since it pushes him to seek other solutions which he wouldn’t initially think of.

“It forces [us] to think from the perspective of someone else,” Alex said. “ It can be very englighting [to look through someone else’s perspective].”

The simplicity of participating in the club has expanded his horizons when it comes to the process of thinking outside of the box.

Model UN it’s all about trying to find a solution to a complex problem all the while trying to do it from the perspective of another country.”

— Alex Shier

“With the new mindset I have it’s been really beneficial to me,” Alex said. “ It has allowed me to exercise thought from another perspective, and has given me a better understanding of complex global problems.”

With everything he’s been through because of his experience within Model UN has given him skills that he will use for the years to come.

“The whole process has made me a better problem solver and critical thinker because looking at the world from a new perspective,” Alex said. “It allows us to yield insight that you wouldn’t get otherwise if you stayed in your old tired routines.”

Participating in these clubs allowed him to expand on his devotion to learning more about international relations and world geography. He decided to shrink the spectrum and look into more specifics like the cultural issues that present themselves in the other countries.

“The more you learn about other people [who are] different from you, [you] broaden your spectrum when it comes to topics you’re not familiar with,” Alex said.

He believes that everyone should try to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to trying new things.

“Once you learn more about others it’s harder to argue [your side] since you learned more about the other options,” Alex said. “It allows us to learn about others which can reduce conflicts.” 

Through seeking more information about international relations, Alex found that it gave him a profound understanding of other countries, allowing him to step outside of his typical bubble.

“I think learning about different countries gives people an understanding of the world around them,” Alex said. “A lot are limited within their own country, most don’t understand or seek more information outside of what we’re taught in our school.”

Alex tends to surmise that indulging himself with information about other countries lets him understand problems that may occur outside of his own country.Subsequently, Alex has been able to learn more about other issues that are happening all around the world opening his eyes past our simple community.

“Through my experiences, it has allowed me to  grasp a good understanding of cultures and problems throughout the world,” Alex said. “Problems such as climate change that is happening all over the world, learning about [other countries problems] makes me and others more globalized citizens.”