Purchase With a Purpose

Purchase With a Purpose

Susannah Bennett, Staff Writer

Stuff. Life is filled with so much stuff. Stuff you want, stuff you buy, stuff you use. People are constantly spending money for stuff they want for themselves, which isn’t necessarily bad, but what about all the people that don’t have that stuff?

Nearly half of the world’s population lives in poverty, which means they are living on less than $1.25 a day. In the US, the average American spends $94 a day for food and clothes; this amount could provide for a single impoverished family for more than a week.

Nearly half of the world is poverty-stricken, and it’s our job to help these communities get the resources that they need.”

Many companies around the globe have noticed this extravagant spending with benefits that go beyond the consumer, so they created products that benefits not only the buyer, but also people who live in impoverished communities. Trendy brands like Roma Boots, charity: water, and Toms donate and work with communities based on the number of purchases and donations.

Roma Boots is a charitable company with stylish rain boots that supports communities that lack footwear and school funds. Every pair of Roma boots that is purchased results in a donated pair going to a person who is in need and lives in wet climates. Along with this “buy one give one” idea, they give ten percent of their profits to educational initiatives all over the world, enriching the lives of impoverished children. One of their main goals is to spread love or “amor,” which is “Roma” backwards. All of their missional work is aimed at providing aid and education to areas that lack education and shoes. Roma Boots are helping people one pair of boots at a time, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re cute as well.

Each pair of boots has a bright color and glossy finish, attracting the attention of many shoppers. With their cushy soles, you cannot help but smile when they put on these comfortable boots. Because they are made to last in second and third-world countries, Roma Boots are guaranteed to keep your feet cozy and dry with their rubber structure.

Another philanthropic company is charity: water. Uniquely, charity: water is centered around a single goal: bringing clean water to areas in need. There are 663 million people who lack clean water, and charity: water is up to the task of serving all of them. One hundred percent of profits and donations go to funding water projects, which is all the more reason to buy from their stores. Some people walk for four hours just to get a drink of water, which is likely to be unclean. Because of this ongoing epidemic, their mission is to provide clean water to destitute areas that lack it.

Charity: water has a wide variety of products, ranging from tee shirts to phone cases. Their collection is an eclectic mix of products from a wide variety of brands. Overall, their merchandise revolves around their water provision goal; their water theme is charming, adding to the appeal of their work.

Instead of conjuring expensive and complex plans, charity: water is simplistic with their ideas for change. Most products are $30, which is a small amount with a great impact. Every $30 you donate changes lives all around the world.

Toms has a inspirational One to One program that gives based on the number of products purchased. Poverty-stricken areas are often lacking and in need of help, which Toms provides with its merchandise. Since they have a variety of products, Toms gives a variety of services including provision of shoes, sight, water, safe birthing aid, and bully prevention services.

Every pair of shoes bought will bring a pair of comfy shoes to a joyous bare-footed child somewhere in the world. When Toms eyewear is bought, a full eye exam from a professional will be provided, so people can get the eyecare they require. With every bag of Toms coffee purchased, a week’s supply of water is given to those in need. Their bags and backpacks also contribute to the cause by funding the training and services that ensure safe births and prevent bullying. The good deeds of the generous company go beyond their fashionable products to the heart of the poverty, changing countless people’s lives.

Roma Boots, charity: water, and Toms are amazingly philanthropic companies, where you purchase with a purpose. Every product benefits not only you, but also someone on the opposite side of the globe who is underprivileged. Their ambitions of these companies can impact many, but only with the help of people who fully support their cause.