Disenchantment is one of the greatest cartoons I have ever watched

A depiction of Bean, Luci, and Elfo.


A depiction of Bean, Luci, and Elfo.

A princess, an elf, and a demon walk into a bar. 

This sounds like the start of a comedic joke, but in reality, this is the plot of Disenchantment, a newly released cartoon on Netflix. 

This cinematic masterpiece starts with an elf, whose name is Elfo, deciding he has had enough of “Elfland” and choosing to leave for the first time ever. Shortly after, I witness his first few interactions in the real world—which are nowhere as kind and innocent as he predicted. Shortly after, I get to see a glimpse of Tiabeanie’s, or Bean’s, life. 

Bean is a princess who would do anything to no longer live the luxurious life she lives. The running joke throughout the show is that Bean is an alcoholic. She finds out that she is being forced to marry a prince from a neighboring land in order to form an alliance between the two lands. As you can imagine, she is severely against this. 

It didn’t take long before these three characters formed an unbreakable bond.”

— Paulina Diesen

As Bean is coerced into preparing for her wedding day, the demon, Luci, arrives. The show depicts the senders of Luci as a malicious duo of a male and female with a definite plan. 

Luci’s goal is to try and manipulate Bean into being a terrible person and into making bad decisions, something Bean needs no help with. 

It didn’t take long before these three characters formed an unbreakable bond.

The show itself is a masterpiece with the plot flowing perfectly together, and every part of the plot shows the bond between these unlikely friends and just how terrible the choices they make can get.

It is incredibly comedic and was one of the few shows that got me to laugh out loud several times. I fell in love with each of the characters and the flaws that were embraced in a joking way within the show. I found myself rooting for the trio through every absurd scenario they managed to get themselves in. 

The cartoon was beautifully made, and the details within each of the scenes, characters, and the hundreds of smaller characters were incredible. I loved the small easter eggs they put into the show along with the extra details to make the show even funnier; the elves being named based on their characteristics and why the bar that the characters frequented so often was named The Flying Scepter were two of my favorite add-ins within Disenchantment that added that extra level of planned humor. 

Disenchantment left me immediately wanting to see the rest of the seasons. I was extremely upset after I finished watching the three previously released seasons on Netflix as I wanted to continue with the series. I am waiting with high expectations for the continuation of this now beloved show. Disenchantment is an exceedingly humorous show with a plot that continued to shock me every episode. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a show that would continue to make you laugh out loud and would highlight and celebrate flaws that many experience.