Duo Demi Lovato and Sam Fischer’s new song holds feelings we are often scared of acknowledging

American singer and actress Demi Lovato impressed me again with another elegant piece of work. Alongside her was the Australian pop-rock singer-songwriter and musician Sam Fischer. While listening to these two incredible voices, I took notice of how well they helped one another. Lovato is a very vigorous artist, as seen in her past releases, and Fischer added the right amount of tempo the tune needed. 

While Fischer comes in halfway through the song, he adds to the emotions that Lovato vocalizes at the beginning of the piece. Later on, the pairs’ voices join one another, making the melody stronger than ever. Even though this was the first time Lovato and Fischer put their voices together, it clicked. 

Lovato’s music is all over the place in a good way. She’s excellent at displaying her feelings through many of her pieces. Lovato’s music is not only relatable and heart-touching but also energizing and dynamic. 

A few of Lovato’s big hits are “Sorry Not Sorry,” “Cool For The Summer,” and “Really Don’t Care.” These tracks hold nothing but high intensity, and even though they may be old, they never lose their worth. However, Lovato’s songs are not always sassy or inspirational. Some are full of heartbreak and sorrowful vibes, but they continue to hold relatable and heart-touching messages.

However, Lovato’s songs are not always sassy or inspirational. Some are full of heartbreak and sorrowful vibes, but they continue to hold relatable and heart-touching messages. 

Last year, Fischer had released one of his singles “The City.” This gradual and somewhat bitter piece turned out to be a tremendous success. This tune held a personal meaning for Fischer as he vocalized the struggles he went through while exploring the new city. 

All in all, I feel that Lovato and Fischer both excel in writing and singing songs that hold meaning. Lovato’s and Fischer’s new single “What Other People Say” could have had a very different outcome but proved otherwise. 

“What Other People Say” started with Lovato saying, “Thought when I grew up I would be the same, as the ones who gave me my last name,” and later on vocalized how she struggles with being the genuine person she wants to be. While listening on, I realized the pain in her voice. It wasn’t a hurting one but rather regretful. Lovato confesses in the tune that she cares more about what others have to say about her and wishes she didn’t. She also implied it had been a while since she reevaluated her actions and feelings. 

Following Lovato’s magical voice, Fischer stepped in halfway through the track and let out how he felt. His feelings were similar to Lovato’s but did hold the same melody and vibe. Fischer with “I wish I could shelter the boy I knew” from all of the troubles Fischer had put himself through growing up. I can tell that Fischer was feeling regret throughout his part just like Lovato was, but it was different because Fischer’s regrets focused more on him making better choices growing up. 

Both of Lovato’s and Fischer’s voices join together toward the end and repetitively vocalize how they are better than the actions they chose to make. Even though they both knew they could improve on themselves, it all comes down to them caring about what others think of them. This piece holds a repetitive melody, and I cannot complain seeing as it is calm and breathtaking. Lovato and Fischer have shown that their voices are not only strong alone but are stronger together.