M21 Nutrition is the perfect stop before any workout


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one of M21’s tasty complimentary teas!

I’ve never walked into a restaurant and thought it was magical until a few weeks ago. 

Located next to Tractor Supply Co. in Lowell, Michigan, the little restaurant at the end of the strip mall holds the power of making healthy eating enjoyable. M21 Nutrition has changed my perspective on healthy foods for the better. 

Before walking into M21 Nutrition, I was feeling tired and groggy. My mind was fried from school earlier in the day, and it was only going to get worse. I had competitive cheer practice in less than an hour and needed a fulfilling pick-me-up desperately. 

My dad found out about M21 Nutrition on Instagram—they had followed him on there. He offered to take me to try it out since their food would help fuel me before practice. 

“Aesthetically pleasing”—this place was. I was welcomed by a big waft of warm vanilla scent and a crisp first glance. The walls were painted a clean white, and the counter was home to cute storage containers and homely decor. Their tables were neatly placed in a row along the side of the room. No matter where in the building I stood, it would’ve made a pleasant background for pictures. 

As an athlete, I appreciate a little sweetness after practice or a workout.”

Next to all of the decor on the counter, there were menus for their teas, shakes, and monthly specials. With each meal comes a complimentary tea for extra benefits. To order, all I did was mark my shake and tea on a sheet of paper (which the engaging staff will hand out) and watch it be made. My favorite shake has to be the Strawberry Shortcake and my favorite tea is Peach Bellini–they aren’t gritty like regular energy shakes and not too sweet. 

Despite the names of their shakes sounding sugary, they’re jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients: 24 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and 21 essential vitamins and minerals. Their shakes also have 250 calories and 9 grams of sugar, but those numbers can be lower depending on the drink. There are also dairy-free options with the same benefits for those who want it. 

Their teas are made with vitamin B and many other antioxidants that help to achieve mental clarity and give an extra energy boost. In the M21 Nutrition teas, it comes with a shot of aloe, but it can come on the side if it might be funky combined. 

If the 80+ shake flavors and their benefits weren’t enough, they also have a post-workout shake menu: Mac Daddy, Death by Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Red Velvet S’mores, Oreo Sweet Cream, and Cookies n’ Cream Ice Cream. Just like the shakes, their names give the impression that they’ll taste sweet and too powerful to have nutritional value. As an athlete, I appreciate a little sweetness after practice or a workout. With all the nutrients that their regular shakes have, it also comes with BCAA’s, whey and casein powder, and l-glutamine to help the body recover and rebuild. 

To somebody like me who has a hard time picking and choosing what to eat when going out, it seems overwhelming. Luckily, the working staff member helped my dad and me through the selection and was patient with me as I was still trying to process such a huge selection. 

After a while of looking, I have finally found a restaurant that I know will fuel me before any cheer practice and will also satisfy my big sweet tooth.