The phases of the moon tell a love story at the hand of Venus


The grain from the seven sea’s sands dot her I’s while falling leaves cross her T’s

The minty leaves of her garden’s trees whiten the fresh smell of the ocean breeze

She signs her name with a simple M and N while her children cry out for her forgiving hands

The Earth is a feminine work of art that smiles on our every heart for each breath is a gift, and without it, my point of view would never shift


His sunlight she strives to catch, but their love is something no pair could ever match

Her lunar grasp is something humans want to know, but her control of the ocean is the only thing she shows

The phases of her faces change forevermore; I feel every slight shift in my withered core

The Moon is a graceful ballerina dancing in my head, and the dreams she casts between us are only written down in lead


The sun’s relationship with his star-crossed lover, only passing meteors know what they might blubber

The earth is yet so far and out of reach, but the sun makes it apparent that he shall always teach

We now know of the hours passing by in the shadow of the dial, we humans have always loved him for its been draw on every file

The Sun is a vigorous ally who is placed opposite of his heart—only his love story will only wake us up at the very start


Love and beauty is her very name, being attracted to the sun isn’t in her game

Every day for Venus is a full years work of Earth, she always was behind even her rebirth

Her stunning nature may be what pulls us, but the sun does not want to discuss

Venus is a desolate planet only looking out for the people, but someday may her love story make a dramatic sequel


Well Venus may take credit, but their very hearts are the only thing that they can edit

The planets are not alive but their souls burn like fire, it matters not of anything that they were prior

They very impact on our little lives make me think twice, what if we could harness their power; at what price

While Venus looks for love in the sun and in the moon, the Earth takes care of us since it’s almost noon