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The Central Trend

2019-2020 Bowling

Wed, Dec 11 Northview HSNorthfield Lanes12-18 StoryL
Northview HSNorthfield Lanes Story
Mon, Dec 16 Cedar Springs HSRockford Lanes26-4 StoryW
Cedar Springs HSRockford Lanes Story
Wed, Dec 18 Grand Rapids Ottawa HillsEastbrook Lanes2-0 StoryW
Grand Rapids Ottawa HillsEastbrook Lanes Story
Wed, Jan 08 Lowell HSEastbrook LanesCanceled
Lowell HSEastbrook Lanes
Wed, Jan 15 Greenville HSJacket Lanes1,761-1,804 StoryL
Greenville HSJacket Lanes Story
Mon, Jan 20 Forest Hills NorthernEastbrook LanesCanceled
Forest Hills NorthernEastbrook Lanes
Wed, Jan 22 Northview HSEastbrook Lanes10-20 StoryL
Northview HSEastbrook Lanes Story
Sat, Jan 25 Multiple Opponents FairlanesCanceled
Multiple Opponents Fairlanes
Mon, Jan 27 Cedar SpringsEastbrook Lanes18-12 StoryW
Cedar SpringsEastbrook Lanes Story
Mon, Feb 03 Grand Rapids Ottawa HillsEastbrook Lanes26-4 StoryW
Grand Rapids Ottawa HillsEastbrook Lanes Story
Wed, Feb 05 Lowell HSIonia Lanes12-18 StoryL
Lowell HSIonia Lanes Story
Mon, Feb 17 Greenville HSEastbrook Lanes10-20 StoryL
Greenville HSEastbrook Lanes Story
Wed, Feb 19 Forest Hills Northern HSEastbrook Lanes14-16L
Forest Hills Northern HSEastbrook Lanes
Sat, Feb 22 Multiple OpponentsRockford Lanes
Multiple OpponentsRockford Lanes
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