Katianna Mansfield
Katianna is entering her first year on The Central Trend staff and has been anticipating it since the first semester of her sophomore year. She enjoys writing about emotionally challenging topics whether it be features, columns, editorials, or reviews. Katianna is a server at IHOP and is the president of FHC's LGBTQ+ Club. Outside of school she enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and competing against them in games. After high school Katianna plans on attending CMU Honor College to pursue book editing.  

Favorite thing about being on staff: Truly combining with peers who love to write and have a talent for it.

Favorite type of story: Reviews/Columns

Favorite book and why: To Kill a Mockingbird, because it is such a lighthearted perception of the dark times it encapsulates, Scout also reminds me of my little sister.

It's a Friday night, you will probably find Katianna: Relaxing at home or driving to my dad's in Battle Creek to spend time with him, my mom, and my brother.

Katianna Mansfield, Staff Writer

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