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Lejla Tukelija
Lejla Tukelija is a junior and entering her first year as a staff writer. Following her passion for writing, she wants to share her stories with the world. Writing is one of her many passions, along with her love for animals and music. When she comes to school, she enjoys her two choir classes and going home to her four pets. Lejla also enjoys art, especially the work of Vincent Van Gogh. Pieces like Starry Night and The Bedroom are two of her favorites. When she's not singing, writing, or painting, you'll find Lejla most likely making people laugh with memes and the many unusual things she does.

Favorite thing about writing: She loves to share stories and hear other people's as well. She loves how, when writing, a person can do one of their favorite hobbies and turn it into a way of entertainment for others.

Where does she hope to see herself in five years: She hopes to be happy with plenty of animals and music in her life.

On a Friday night you will find her: Ironically playing Roblox and eating too much.

Lejla Tukelija, Staff Writer

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