Sarah Obermeyer
Sarah is a senior entering her second year writing on staff for The Central Trend. Sarah thinks her enthusiasm for writing sprouted from her love for reading that she has had since a young age. Sarah is starting her first year as a varsity basketball player and she loves attending different high school sporting events. Besides sports and writing, Sarah is a music enthusiast. She loves going to concerts, singing, and playing guitar.

Favorite thing about being on staff: 

I love to expressing myself through writing and learning about new people involved in unique things.

Favorite type of story to write: 

Reviews and columns

Favorite book and why: 

I love If You Feel Too Much by Jamie Tworkowski  and also Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I have read both of them more than 3 times and I never get sick of them.

It's a Friday night and you will probably find Sarah doing: 

Either watching whatever sport is in season at the high school, going to a concert, or hanging out with friends.

Sarah Obermeyer, Staff Writer

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