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The Central Trend

Hannah Kos

Senior Hannah Kos is taking on her last year on staff with as much of a smile as she can muster. Although she is dreading the day she posts her last story, she is looking forward to entering college to major in Secondary English Education. She will attend Wilkes University in Pennsylvania where she will be able to follow her major, write for their news site, and take on new adventures. This year Hannah is most excited about watching the staff grow and adapt as TCT takes new strides each and every day.


Favorite Thing about Being on Staff: 

Having the opportunity to put her voice and opinions out for people to read.


Reading, writing, painting, and writing poetry.

Favorite Place: 

Empire, Michigan

Favorite Quotes:

"These apples look fake but at least they've got stars on them," - Fantastic Mr. Fox

"Conversations so satisfying they feel like accomplishments," - David Carrol

"I watched a dandelion lose its mind in the wind," - Andrea Gibson

Some things you may not know about Hannah:

At home, Hannah is never said without being accompanied by her middle name, Ruth.

Writing doesn't stop with TCT; Hannah spends a large amount of her time reading and writing poetry.

Hannah is both Color Blind and Dyslexic (which gives way to some pretty comical errors while editing ;)).

Hannah Kos, Editor in Chief

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Hannah Kos