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Cooper James, Staff Writer

October 12, 2015

Recently, someone in my sociology class did a survey about cheating for a project, and the results made me ponder. I thought about cheating and how it seems like just another thing that goes on in high school, but there were ...

To Senior Year

To Senior Year

October 2, 2015

Defined By Numbers

Emma Cardin, Staff Writer

September 23, 2015

Hi, my name is Emma Cardin. I am sixteen years old and one inch shy of six feet tall. My GPA is high enough to make honor roll. I am about to take one of the biggest tests of my life; I am told the the numbers I see under my ...

School is a Factory

June 2, 2015

High School Dating: It’ll Happen Either Way

Gabi Dykema, Staff Writer

May 29, 2015

High school is a period of every adolescents life in which they are not yet an adult, but are given responsibilities and opportunities that were not yet available to them in their preteen and toddler years. The first to come to one’s mind may be driving a car, getting a job, and applying to college. But there is another topic under observation that has been around since your parents were your age.

Varsity Letters: What Should Dictate Who Wins What?

Lindsey DeBruin, staff writer

May 28, 2015

Almost all sports are more of a mental game than physical exertion. If the right mindset to succeed is not possessed, winning can be almost impossible. Keeping in mind the amount of brain power that goes into "real" sports, what...

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