Brick Painting Q&As: Megan Cushman

Name: Megan Cushman

Grade: 12

1) What inspired you to take part in this project?

“I love looking at all the bricks from seniors past. ‘Do I know them?’ ‘Where did they go to college?’ It was definitely something that gave me a nice look into my future. It’s always been a fun tradition I have wanted to take part in.”

2) Do you think the school will do a good job of keeping this process COVID-19 friendly?

“I don’t see an issue with this project that would make it less COVID-19-safe than being in full person school. School already isn’t very safe, but I don’t think this will make it worse.” 

3) What inspiration are you going to use for your brick or are you going to come up with it on the fly?

 “I will be painting something with the college I am going to: The University of Pittsburgh.” 

4) What makes you excited about this round painting bricks?

“Painting is fun, and I’m excited about spending some chill time in class painting with my friends.”

5) What would you say to the class of 2022 for painting bricks? Would you recommend leaving your mark to the other kids?

“I would suggest the 2022 kids take part in it because it’s a fun senior tradition.”

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