The Central Trend


The Central Trend strives to bring you the students of FHC and the news that comes along with them.

In the beginning, we were a newspaper. White, long paper, black ink, and big, bold headlines. We called ourselves The Forest Edge. Then, slowly, The Forest Edge became a magazine. Glossy, colored pages, fewer stories, and crazy expensive to print. It also brought InDesign- Adobe’s layout system- and all the stress that comes with it. Eventually, we made the move to begin posting online and rebranded ourselves as The Central Trend. Everything was new and exciting. More stories, social media, and the ability to write more of the “fun” stuff, like reviews and columns.

This year, everything is new again. With a well needed redesigned website and a handful of new twists on types of stories, the staff of TCT is ready to take on the challenge of the new school year.

With a staff of fifteen Staff Writers and four Sports Reporters and a body of over 1,000 students, it’s seemingly impossible to cover every student, teacher, and faculty member that walks in and out of FHC’s doors. However, our writers do their best to bring each goal, each high-note, each achievement, and each thought from the students to you. The student body deserves a voice, and TCT does their best to be just that.

What do we write?

Embedded in the pages of TCT (both metaphorical and the print editions) lies a variety of types of stories. Features, editorials, and columns to name a few. We do our best to write a variety of content to match each reader’s interest.


While calling a story a feature is as broad as it can get, there is really no other way to describe them all at once. A feature is just that. Whether it be a single person or the whole volleyball team, a feature focuses on them and shows the reader into a little corner of their world. This can be done in many ways; a long story with multiple interviews, a Q&A, or a profile. No matter what, the goal is to provide readers with new information on the people that make FHC, FHC.

Humans of FHC

A new type of story we are introducing this year, Humans of FHC doesn’t focus on the tell-tale, obvious questions. Instead, we snap a single photo in the moment and ask the subject to share something… anything that’s on their mind. Whether that be a story, a joke, a quote, etc., it is up to them. But no matter what, it’s a toe dipped into the pool that is their world.


If you’ve been around for a while, you probably know exactly what this type of story is. But, we are doing things a little bit different this year. Less is more in the column world, and we are going to fall under the “less” category. Nonetheless, a column rings true to its name, and its job is to let you inside of a 16 (or 15 or 17 or 18)-year-old’s head and hear just what they are thinking.


While seemingly similar to a column, there is one major difference between the two: opinions. While both types of stories share the brain waves of the FHC teen, editorials show their opinions on the things that are happening in the world around us.


Reviews are true to their name across the board. New restaurant? Book? Movie? You name it, we will review it.

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central