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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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Genshin Impact’s Fontaine Archon quest was the end as they knew it

Photo editor; Picsart Background; In game footage

At the end of it all, when what was foretold to happen, would one deny fate, choose to fight against it, or except with all their heart what is written in stone? One day the waters will rise, dissolving the people and history with it, leaving the nation’s god to cry upon her shattered throne of deceit and justice. 

Over the past three months, Hoyo-Verse has officially released the fifth installment of its main storyline. This includes the five acts of the Archon Quest set in Fontanie, the characters of varying backgrounds, and the exploration of new mechanics and landscapes. 

Fontaine, the next region released in the Genshin Impact universe consists of inspired European and French lore. The architecture of high arches, industrialized machines in steampunk vane, and even elaborate names fill this region with lush storytelling.

In terms of new developments, this new region has a vast new set of intricacy that stunned me beyond belief and awe. Scenes in the environment present floating research labs shaped by cubes of water, tall towers spiraling into the sky with fog and mist, and even schools of fish swimming gracefully above drifting seaweed. 

Fontaine, in a way, reverts to the nostalgic starting in the city of Mondstat (The very beginning when players start). In its slow-moving life, green plains of grass, and birds idling beside silent waters, I enjoyed exploring the wilderness with relative ease, a big difference from the blowing Sumeru desert sands. 

The character designs also depict incredible style from stockings to flowing skirts, and top hats to match suits embroidered with royal blue stitchings. Even the NPC dogs wandering the main city sport fur cuts of poofy fluff and tiny hats with flowers. 

However, despite how inspiring the base looks of this new region are, I wish to focus on something larger. The main quest line follows the protagonist, the traveler, and Paimon, through a long line of events culminating in one big performance bound to dazzle the stars. 

Minor spoilers from here on out, I hope to recount some of the events without dropping the biggest reveals for the anticipated reader’s enjoyment.

In its slow-moving life, green plains of grass, and birds idling beside silent waters, I enjoyed exploring the wilderness with relative ease, a big difference from the blowing Sumeru desert sands. 

The story starts by reaching the Romaritime Harbor, one of a dozen harbors containing elevators in which tourists climb the giant waterfalls surrounding Fontaine. One thing to note and most enthusiastic will know is that this is the land of Hydro. Water, rivers, and currents play a big part in culture and life.

Players will meet the long-awaited teased duo of Lyney and Lynette. The twin magicians will introduce a keynote that will play its biggest role throughout the quest. A prophecy, aforementioned by me at the beginning, tells a disastrous flood causing death through dissolving waters, leaving the Hydro Archon, lady Furina, or Focalors alone and weeping. 

Pretty early on, ruins and shoreline shows of rising waters, as well as characters referencing lost lands to the sea. The people of Fontaine know this, but many have mixed feelings about whether or not to believe in fate. 

A major theme like this circles the idea that if the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do today? Navia, a young woman who has experienced heartbreak after struggle depicts leaving a legacy behind, recounting both her and the trusted circle of people surrounding her. Wriothesly, the Duke of the Fortress of Meropide, leads inmates to a new land for exiles, giving chances to those who have done wrong and believe they can’t be redeemed. 

Among it all, other beings not of Fontanian blood watch as the society crumbles around them. Observing how people can handle such a catastrophe, Neuvillette, the Iudux of the massive main court system observes case after case, seeing as more and more victims and wrongdoers go about living past mistakes.

Most crucial of all, Lady Furina has to be the most fascinating character I have ever seen in the game of Genshin Impact. 

The player meets the Archon on the docks of Romaritime Harbor, challenging the traveler to a dual. She stands upon a box, elevating her over the rest, paraded by an entourage of guards and officials, giving the air of magnificence. 

I hated her. 

Her personality was borderline bratty and foolish. Enough to make me want to punch something. I rarely feel emotion when playing Genshin Impact, but to say that her actions and words annoyed me is an understatement. 

The more I played, the more I found my dislike of her bubbling like boiling water out of a pot. I couldn’t stand her operatic voice and brash opinions. However, that started to change as I started on the fifth act. 

Update 4.2, tied off the Archon quest, as well as Lady Furinas and Focalors’ story. The main conflict the character faces throughout the entire plot is hiding away from impending doom. The prophecy set hundreds of years ago shows signs of the final day approaching.

As a god, Furina must hold onto some hope so her subjects don’t doubt her lead. She places a mask on her face and reassures that all will be fine. But in reality, the struggle of accepting fate bounds like war drums. 

The humanity of it all, as not only Fontaines Archon but also its citizens coming closer and closer to destruction console themselves. To be living one day and go about life as it always was, or to fight the next day, go down kicking and screaming for a desired destiny rather than the prophesied fated version. 

As someone who had resonated and spent time deep in thought about the end, something has to be said about walking the line between life and death. What makes life even more precious is knowing death and its steady approach.

When people know that valuing moments matters so much more than awaiting inevitable death, it gives them so much more fuel to get up and do something. To be given a drive or passion in times of need when seconds split into fleeting moments of desperation. 

And, overarching all that is happening and is fated to happen, seeing leaders and followers alike grappling with whims of fear and hope unites all that face the end of time as they know it. 

Genshin Impact has managed to capture humanity in such a beautiful way. My heart fell to watery depths and rose to mountainous heights. The wonder in creating such a story that speaks to my heart as a single human living under the sun like billions of others. Knowing that many others struggle with a fate set in stone gives me solace that I also have a line to walk tried and true.

I urge those with interest to pursue this game, in hopes of reaching some conclusion for themselves. And I bet that those who do will also feel closer than ever to breathing in air and feeling alive. 

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