Vernors Black Cherry initially sparked satisfaction, only to end in a flat sigh

The image displays a can of Vernors Black Cherry Ginger Soda

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The image displays a can of Vernors Black Cherry Ginger Soda

“This is for your research. If you want, that is,” my Dad said, handing me a grocery bag of Vernors Black Cherry two-liters as we unloaded the car.

I smiled at the logo, delighted that my next review topic seemed to fall into my lap, or rather, placed onto my countertop. I hadn’t even asked for the drink, but my Dad’s consideration and my love for everything black cherry flavored had matched up perfectly. 

The Vernors brand, which originated in Detroit, Michigan, now combined another Michigan staple—the cherry. Furthermore, the limited edition flavor is only sold in Michigan and parts of Ohio. 

Ever since Vernor’s release in 1866, the soft drink’s loyal midwest fans have ensured that the label stays on grocery store shelves. While the most fervent fans are from Michigan, the brand has expanded nationwide to 33 states. Still, I was excited to try a flavor that is exclusively available to two states. 

Making an event out of my day, my family—including Aden, my honorary brother—sat around the dining room table, and I handed each of them a cup and coaster to host our hopefully delicious drink, even recording the process for posterity. 

Initially, the tingly fruit flavor brought a smile to my face as the carbonation balanced perfectly with the dulcet cherry. My sister Tara said, “the moment the liquid touched my lips, my brain started to sizzle.”

While we laughed at my sister’s word choice, we all agreed with her statement. A rush of flavor was packed into one sip, and perhaps it did affect our brains a bit as the table transformed into a slap-happy fit of giggles. 

Mmm, fruity!

— Tara Brace

However, after just two minutes of Vernors Black Cherry conversation, the carbonation dissipated. All the excitement was depleted, leaving a flavor similar to rip-off Rock&Rye or a dose of liquid cough syrup. 

The initial scent promised more than what the flavor delivered, and everyone—except my Dad, who continued to love the drink—frowned as we realized we had only finished half of a glass and needed to drink the rest in order to not be wasteful. 

It tastes cold and defeated.

— Aden Pomeroy

After a couple of laughs and a TikTok of a bot-made Olive Garden commercial later, I finished my portion. Thankfully, my Dad was happy to finish off the two-liter because I decided that Vernors Black Cherry Ginger Soda wasn’t a purchase I’d likely make again. 

While the experience was enjoyable, I would have been content to end my taste-testing venture after the first sip. I will remain a loyal Michigander to the Vernors brand; however, the Black Cherry flavor will never rank at the top of my pop selections.