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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

Lauren Brace

Lauren Brace, Podcast Manager

Lauren is a senior entering her final year on The Central Trend as Podcast Manager. She has a strong passion for every extracurricular she's involved in, and can often be found marching on the football field, performing on stage, or writing in her room. Her favorite nights include friends and family gathered around the dining room table for an epic board game extravaganza, along with the many other adventures her twin sister drags her along for. 

Favorite snack: Classic Lays

Favorite Disney princess: Belle

Favorite song to sing: "Breathe" from In the Heights

Favorite vacation destinations: Disney World and Panama City Beach

All content by Lauren Brace
The Central Scoop: Episode Six

The Central Scoop: Episode Six

December 7, 2022

With this episode of The Central Scoop, find out what it's like for the current freshmen at Forest Hills Central High School! Does high school live up to expectations? We loved chatting with and hearing...

Hosted by Meghan Markle, the podcast Archetypes discusses the labels and tropes that try to hold women back.

Meghan Markle’s podcast, Archetypes, was simultaneously entertaining and empowering

December 6, 2022

“Who’s open to change?” From the start of each episode, Duchess Meghan Markle’s soothing and professional voice greets the listener into her podcast revolving around one of the most important...

Physics teacher Amy Stone with her daughter Ellie Stone by the Space Shuttle Discovery at the National Air and Space Museum

From learning about Mars in the classroom to the dream of one day inhabiting the planet, the Space enthusiasts of FHC continue to be fascinated by science

December 4, 2022

Ever since junior Evan Church was little, he has had the dream of flying to outer space—specifically, being the first person on Mars.  “When I was little, I always had the dream to be the first...

A collage from some of the best Marching Band memories

Goodbye Marching Band, thank you for all the memories

December 4, 2022

“How does it feel knowing that this will be your last game?” I still don’t think I’ve fully comprehended the end.  After a prolonged season—longer than I ever imagined—I was always getting...

Outer Space: How does it impact us? Q&As: Megan Piontkowsky

Outer Space: How does it impact us? Q&As: Megan Piontkowsky

December 1, 2022

FHC alumna Megan Piontkowsky is a senior at Albion College, double majoring in math and physics with a concentration in astrology. She plans on attending graduate school for mathematical physics or theoretical...

A historic launch from SpaceX: the first commercial launch of humans, sending two astronauts to the International Space Station

Staying curious and exploring the limitless possibilities of outer space

November 30, 2022

As children, we’re told to “shoot for the moon, and if you miss, at least you’ll land among the stars.” This, along with my parents introducing me to series such as Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey...

The Central Scoop: Episode Five

The Central Scoop: Episode Five

November 30, 2022

In this episode, we featured guests Cameron Penner and Sully Lower as they discussed their daily lives as musicians. Listen to learn more about the process of learning instruments and experiencing the...

A stunning image of just one section of the galaxy

Simply existing in a universe of unknowns

November 29, 2022

Despite the cliches, the stars do, in fact, twinkle against the infinite darkness. They wink as the observer passes, gazing from their minimal perspective. Explosions resulting in runaway nuclear fusion...

Traveling to this beautiful red planet would have undeniable benefits to the human race.

Traveling to Mars will have undeniable benefits

November 28, 2022

For a planet that is constantly evolving, it seems only fitting that we expand our horizons to another destination out of this world: Mars. Named after the god of war, the planet of Mars is about 189.58...

Investigative Series: Lauren Brace - Outer Space: how does it impact us?

Investigative Series: Lauren Brace – Outer Space: how does it impact us?

November 28, 2022

When it comes to outer space, the sky is far from the limit. This leads to the question, where can these new heights take us? In this investigative series, I'll be explaining the benefits of exploring...

The Central Scoop: Episode Four

The Central Scoop: Episode Four

November 27, 2022

In this fun episode, Lauren and Addy talk about their love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, its evolution, and some of their favorite characters. Disclaimer: there are spoilers for Spider Man and Doctor...

The Central Scoop: Episode Three

The Central Scoop: Episode Three

November 27, 2022

For this episode, Kiera Kemppainen joins us for a trip down memory lane as we reminisce over our favorite childhood movies and TV shows along with the role they play in our lives now. https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/rdHdXlybjvb

The Central Scoop: Episode Two

The Central Scoop: Episode Two

November 27, 2022

This episode is for all the music lovers out there. We are joined by Payton Vincent and Katelynn Heilman as we discuss Harry Styles, One Direction, Taylor Swift, and her new album Midnights.  Hope you...

The Central Scoop: Episode One

The Central Scoop: Episode One

November 27, 2022

Welcome to the first "Day in the Life" episode! We invited the editors-in-chief of The Central Trend, Allie Beaumont and Sofia Hargis-Acevedo, to tell us about their roles. https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/Pn3G6CYajvb

The Central Trends official podcast: The Central Scoop

The Central Trend’s official podcast: The Central Scoop

November 27, 2022

Hosted by Lauren Brace and Addy Cousins, The Central Trend's official podcast, The Central Scoop, is available on Spotify with episodes published weekly. Episodes either fall into the category of "Hot...

The 2022 film Disenchanted is now available to watch on Disney+

Within the first few minutes, Disenchanted had me laughing and smiling with nostalgia

November 22, 2022

In 2017 when Amy Adams was announced to reprise her role as Giselle in a sequel to the 2007 film Enchanted, I was overcome with excitement. However, I had largely forgotten about the upcoming film until...

TCTs The Countless Thanks 2022: Lauren Brace

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2022: Lauren Brace

November 21, 2022

To the staff of TCT First and foremost, I must thank the people that make me look forward to the end of every school day, the people who make room 139 a home. Each of you inspires me to continue writing...

A selfie I took with my sister skiing at Boyne Mountain

The S Word: Snow

November 20, 2022

Shimmering, sparkling, sunlit snow: the reason I ski down the slippery slopes. Sizable sums of seasonal slush: the reason I slide down South for the start of Winter.  This one word is the cause of...

While sophomore Rebecca Maddox is extremely passionate about FHC Crew, she also immerses herself in reading, writing, and her studies.

Jumping into academic vigor, Rebecca Maddox is inspired by her foundations in writing and history

November 15, 2022

While many students discover their passion in their later years, sophomore Rebecca Maddox found her love for writing back in elementary school. One year, an incredible opportunity arose to submit her work...

Some seniors at the Senior Dinner Dance

[Photo] The Senior Dinner Dance was a fulfilling activity enjoyed by the masses

November 15, 2022

Some seniors at the Senior Dinner Dance

From reading to writing to speaking out, language is the most essential tool in our lives.

The evolution of languages is a fascinating and necessary process

November 8, 2022

“Exquisite poison,” “gorgeous servility,” “distant hautbois,” “tremulous ecstasy,” and “munificent patron” represent a mere sample of the combinations of words found in The Picture...

The cover image to Charlie Puths 2022 album release: Charlie

Charlie Puth’s album Charlie turned me on like a “Light Switch” as his lyrics bounced in my head “Left and Right”

November 4, 2022

Charlie Puth is a genius.  Ever since the release of “One Call Away” in 2016 when I initially fell in love with the artist’s music, Puth has had an outpouring of remarkable melodies and intriguing...

Images of FHCs Environmental Club hanging up pine cone feeders, weeding, and decorating recycling boxes

FHC’s Environmental Club is deeply rooted in passion as the club extends its branches to innovative activities

November 1, 2022

Senior Mia Martin never expected to find herself covered in peanut butter while working with the environmental club, but she found herself immensely enjoying the project nonetheless. “Recently, we...

Members from The Central Singers proudly displaying their  carved pumpkins

Through a variety of fall traditions, the season always brings the community of FHC back home

October 30, 2022

While she loves jumping into leaf piles and running through corn mazes, sophomore Autumn VanSolkema’s favorite fall tradition is visiting the Fallsburg Arts Festival—specifically, coloring tiny pumpkins.  “It's...

Struggling to find an image to attach to an abstract column, I went to AI, creating this image when prompted with imperfection.

Tearing down the facade

October 25, 2022

“There are always two sides to the story” is a cliché that has been recounted over and over again; the aphorism burns at the heart of every issue. Throughout this site, I’ve talked about my joys:...

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power premiered September 1, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power proves that not all those who wander are lost

October 23, 2022

As the scenes pan over the elvish grace of Lindon, the mighty underground dwarf mines of Khazad-dûm, and the masterful construction of the Island Kingdom of Númenor, I couldn’t help but gasp in awe.  If...

Freshman Juana Hernandez has lived in both Colombia and the United States, and she has immersed herself in each culture.

From the arepas of Colombia to the cereal of the United States, Juana Hernandez has found her stride in both cultures

October 18, 2022

In the movie Encanto, freshman Juana Hernandez was pleased to have only found one inaccuracy of Colombian culture: the representation of coffee. “[Encanto] was actually pretty accurate,” Juana...

This graphic was created by Kelly Malka for The Pad Project: an organization that works to dismantle the period stigma.


October 11, 2022

Sitting uncomfortably in my 5th-grade class, my lips were sealed with a secret. I sat, stood up, and sneezed in fear because that morning, I had woken up with my legs coated in blood. My mom told me I...

The Isle of Cats: Explore and Draw box artwork depicts the ship on the rescue mission.

Isle of Cats: Explore and Draw is a game I will without a doubt add to my shelves

October 7, 2022

An impending danger threatens the Isle of Cats, and they will perish if they aren’t rescued before the evil Lord Vesh arrives. This vital rescue mission is assigned to every game player as they also...

The green team in action on the final battle day

The Age of Empires extends beyond the classroom limits to an entirely different era

October 4, 2022

One simple question received 15 years ago by history teacher Brad Anderson took curiosity to an entirely new level, eventually prompting a 15-day response. “Somebody asked what it was like to fight...

Improv Central 2022 Q&As: Abby Cumings

Improv Central 2022 Q&As: Abby Cumings

September 28, 2022

Grade: 12 What excites you most about Improv Central? "I love just being myself and playing games with friends. I am always so excited to go to the practices and learn more about improv comedy." Why...

Improv Central 2022 Q&As: Sofia Hargis-Acevedo

Improv Central 2022 Q&As: Sofia Hargis-Acevedo

September 28, 2022

Grade: 11 What excites you most about Improv Central?  "I am always so excited to go to practice for Improv every day. We always laugh with each other and tell the funniest jokes, and I am so incredibly...

A colorful image of a carnival contrasted against the night sky, a depiction of the stress and excitement I currently feel in my life

The carnival of her life is an overwhelming joy

September 27, 2022

Pockets of light illuminate every attraction, and the bright and glorious Ferris wheel stands out against the quickly darkening sky. There’s a brisk fall breeze causing her to pull her jean jacket closer...

Images from an FHC football game in 2021, depicting only a few of the vital aspects to the game experience

Symbiotic relationships are essential to a football game

September 23, 2022

The football arcs through the air, soaring through the goalposts—a successful point after a touchdown. The football is fumbled, tumbling to the ground—the beginning of a disheartening turnover. The...

An image of junior Hannah Levering in her cheer uniform

Hannah Levering’s two greatest passions combine into a cinematic masterpiece

September 20, 2022

While some may obsess over character development and plot structure details when watching a movie, junior Hannah Levering is entranced by the cinematography.  “When I watch movies, I get really into...

The image displays a can of Vernors Black Cherry Ginger Soda

Vernors Black Cherry initially sparked satisfaction, only to end in a flat sigh

September 13, 2022

"This is for your research. If you want, that is," my Dad said, handing me a grocery bag of Vernors Black Cherry two-liters as we unloaded the car. I smiled at the logo, delighted that my next review...

Capturing the beauty of the Dominican Republic, this image is a perfect representation of one of my summer highlights.

To summer, my sentimental salute

September 9, 2022

I expected it to slowly slip through my fingers—memories turning into grains of sand as they drift back to the ocean. Instead, I was bombarded with the waves, cascading over me until the sand escaped...

The commonly used cover photo for Iowa State University, the campus that has often hosted Odyssey of the Mind World Finals

Iowa State University, once again, welcomed me with open arms

June 2, 2022

The crisp air crafted a picture-perfect atmosphere, and even the rain couldn’t stain my enjoyment of Iowa State’s campus. From the moment my Odyssey of the Mind team arrived, I was overwhelmed with...

An image portraying the countless connections the internet can provide to its users.

Near and far, new friends can be found with the click of a button and a simple hello

May 25, 2022

While I'm still deathly afraid to disobey my parents, there is one rebellious act of my past that stands out. I’m not sure what my motive was, but I know that if my sister hadn’t been a tattle-tale,...

FHC Inspires Q&As 2022: Hannah Levering

FHC Inspires Q&As 2022: Hannah Levering

May 23, 2022

Name: Hannah Levering Position: Speaker TED Talk Title: Words and how they help your life Why did you apply to be a speaker? "I applied to be a speaker because I thought it would be a fun experience...

FHC Inspires Q&As 2022: Emma VanTongeren

FHC Inspires Q&As 2022: Emma VanTongeren

May 23, 2022

Name: Emma VanTongeren Position: Speaker TED Talk Title: Being Indecisive Why did you apply to be a speaker? "I applied to be a speaker because I really like public speaking and find it enjoyable....

FHC Inspires Q&As 2022: Lucy Yoder

FHC Inspires Q&As 2022: Lucy Yoder

May 23, 2022

Name: Lucy Yoder Position: Speaker TED Talk Title: How to make happiness a lifestyle Why did you apply to be a speaker? "I applied to be a speaker because it was a good opportunity to push...

An image displaying the extensive nail polish selections from T & N Nails

T & N Nails painted perfection in every aspect

May 18, 2022

Pink, pastel, and periwinkle pockets of color always add a special flair to the fingertips of my peers on prom night. I’ve never been one to frequently have my nails painted, but for the special occasion,...

An image I took during the Transcendentalism unit of Honors English 10 that reminds me of hopeful beginnings

A celebration to beginnings

May 11, 2022

Everywhere, I am surrounded by goodbyes. The seniors are living through all their “lasts,” embracing this vital transition of graduation for all that it’s worth. On this site, the seniors have written...

Senior Emma Zawacki has been on the staff of The Central Trend since her sophomore year and became the Editor-in-Chief her senior year.

Taking a leap sophomore year, Emma Zawacki not only found her biggest passion but also her home

May 6, 2022

In a constantly evolving and hectic world, motivation can sometimes come from the most unexpected places. For senior Emma Zawacki, her drive partially stems from the self-care app “Finch” and her digital...

The cover photo for the new Disney+ series, Moon Knight

My enjoyment of Marvel’s new series Moon Knight has never waned

May 4, 2022

Driving my friend Dylan to zero hour at 6:30 in the morning, I wasn’t sure if my morning brain was too tired to comprehend phrases correctly, or if he actually claimed that Moon Knight was the best Disney+...

Avery Jordan has been writing for The Central Trend since her sophomore year and has been Editor in Chief for the past year. She plans on pursuing journalism at Michigan State University.

From pirouettes to metaphors, Avery Jordan has thrived in her senior year

May 2, 2022

With crackling embers and a darkening sky, senior Avery Jordan found herself far out of her comfort zone—standing in front of the entire class of 2022 as she found the words to deliver her own bonfire...

A photo of me holding one of my favorite novels by Rebecca Serle

The assumptions we make based on minimal character descriptions

April 27, 2022

Opinions expressed in editorials on The Central Trend are the view of the individual writer and are not the opinion of the entire staff of The Central Trend or the Forest Hills Central staff or administration. The...

A screenshot from my Semantle victory on April 18th, a word that was easily found after the correlation with family.

Wordle alternatives are painstakingly exhilarating

April 20, 2022

I was never one to hop onto the addictive train of Wordle, only occasionally giving the game a shot while social media became obsessed with these daily word challenges. However, as other daily puzzles...

Tara and me at the only football game of 2020 we performed at

I’m sorry I never gave you a name

March 30, 2022

I remember when I first decided to adopt you. I thought that I was meant to play the clarinet for the rest of my life until you showed up. When I held you for the first time, I couldn’t believe how perfectly...

The cover for season two of the Amazon Prime Video series, Upload

I was swept away with excitement for Upload season two, only wishing there was more

March 23, 2022

Discovering the secrets of a mysterious murder, a Robin Hood scheme, and a rocky romance are all thrown into the virtual world of Lakeview in Upload season two.  Simply the premise of the show is intriguing—imagine...

Images from the previous spring breaks of Holly McLenithan and Olivia Dewald-Davis

Senior spring break is an exciting final step on the road to graduation

March 21, 2022

For senior Holly McLenithan, a new anklet ranks at the top of her spring break souvenir must-haves. “If anything, I'll get an anklet [this spring break] because it’s something I've done since I...

An image of Early Blue Violets, a type of wildflower usually found in Western States

I’m thriving in the world of blue-violet

March 16, 2022

From my creative peaks of passion to my fistfuls of flaws, there are a million adjectives I could use to describe myself. These words swirl around in an imperfect attempt to describe exactly what makes...

The bright display and fancy label of Coca-Colas new Starlight flavor

Coca-Cola’s Starlight flavor didn’t take me to a new galaxy, but I enjoyed it nonetheless

March 9, 2022

Starlight: the light that comes from stars. Knowing this simple definition of the word compounding burning balls of gas in the galaxy with the radiance from them, I struggled to understand how "starlight"...

Senior Tananya Prankprakma enjoying the scenery of Bangkok, Thailand

Tananya Prankprakma embraces life by seizing the little moments

March 7, 2022

On any given day, senior Tananya Prankprakma can be found staring at the ceiling—not in boredom, but in fascination. For Tananya, there’s so much more to enjoy in the world than the list of extracurricular...

A stage in my life that nostalgia constantly brings me back to. In this picture, my sister Tara and I are experiencing the pure joy of being a kid playing in the snow.

Nostalgia unites the world in its bittersweet beauty

March 2, 2022

Nostalgia: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy, personal associations. Everywhere I go, I seem to be serenaded with the crescendoing harmonies...

Cover photo for Robbys podcast: The Most Interesting Five Minutes of Your Day

The Most Interesting Five Minutes of Your Day is a whirlwind of hilarious chaos

February 23, 2022

From phone call rejections in quick succession to a one-minute explanation of short-selling, there isn’t an ounce of hesitation as Robby dives into his podcast: The Most Interesting Five Minutes of Your...

Mount Rushmore: the famous national memorial depicting the presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln

Presidents’ Day allows reflection on our nation’s greatest leaders

February 22, 2022

Did you know that the expression “OK” is credited to Martin Van Buren’s presidential campaign? Or did you know that the White House wasn’t referred to by that name until Theodore Roosevelt deemed...

A collage of Odyssey of the Mind team photos. These images span a variety of years from fourth grade to now.

I couldn’t say goodbye

February 16, 2022

I never thought that one pink slip of paper would change my life forever. I remember coming home in fourth grade to unpacked boxes and clutter across the kitchen table as my family was still in the process...

Sophomore Sarah Hughes peacefully writing while laying on the floor of her room

By immersing herself in stories of her own creation, Sarah Hughes finds solace in creative writing

February 9, 2022

On the verge of death, one boy struggles for life after he was retrieved from the harsh ocean waters—the same boy that the main character has seen every night in his dreams. This premise is just one...

Cinderellas Castle in all its glory during the light show Disney Enchantment

With tears of joy, Disney Enchantment brought a flood of unexpected emotions

February 9, 2022

Weaving through numerous bags and backpacks, I was anything but thrilled. Instead, I was consumed with my self-regarding desire to eat, sleep, and take a shower all at the same time.  In the moment,...

For lack of coming up with a different cover photo, this image displays a baby chick posing with an egg.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

February 2, 2022

Opinions expressed in editorials on The Central Trend are the view of the individual writer and are not the opinion of the entire staff of The Central Trend or the Forest Hills Central staff or administration. Is...

The cover to Kazuo Ishiguros novel Klara and the Sun

Klara and the Sun is a future literary classic

January 26, 2022

There’s an undeniable allure to books with a simple cover—drawing the reader in with its simplistic design and the mystery of what the story inside will hold. After the initial attraction, the introduction...

A collection of fruit fly images from Ella Satterthwaite and Chris Shang

AP Biology students are flying to new levels of dedication

January 24, 2022

When senior Ella Satterthwaite went to check on her AP Biology project, she was surprised to see that it had mysteriously disappeared. Ella and her lab partner, senior Desiree Tuohy, had just embarked...

A collage of some of my favorite memories with upperclassmen

To the upperclassmen, you are my inspiration

January 19, 2022

“What will we do when you’re gone?” Tara asked. “What do you mean?” Katie laughed, as her adorable giggles bounced through the hallway.  “Once you graduate, what will we do? Make friends...

The cover photo for the Disney+ new series, The Book of Boba Fett

The Intro to The Book of Boba Fett failed to spark excitement

January 12, 2022

Convincing my parents to buy Disney+ at the beginning of 2020 wasn't difficult, as everyone in my family is an avid Disney fan, and we were eager to watch their newest series: The Mandalorian. Since then,...

Freshman Marieka Wieringa enjoying the scenery of Arashi Beach, Aruba

With every new landscape, Marieka Wieringa immerses herself in her love for the environment

January 10, 2022

For freshman Marieka Wieringa, nothing can compare to the Colorado River as it carves its way through the depths of the majestic Grand Canyon.  “I’ve been to a lot of National Parks in the west...

A collage of some of my favorite memories from 2021

Wrapping up 2021

December 15, 2021

On Dec. 31st, she made a late-night purchase: a product that was immediately attractive with its bright, promising colors and shiny, exciting appearances. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, and despite...

Snapshot of Bassetts music video for his new song Crisis

Joshua Bassett “Set Me Free” through his “Secret” raw emotions after a “Crisis”

December 8, 2021

I’ve never been one to become invested in the minor modern scandals that seem to consume an obscene amount of attention from the public. Therefore, as the internet exploded with the love triangle between...

The friends of Lucy McLean displaying their new gifts from their secret Santa exchange

Secret Santa gift exchanges bring a comedic unity to FHC

December 6, 2021

As holiday break draws near, there is one day in which all the members of FHC’s drumline are met with stares of confusion and raised eyebrows as they walk into class. The percussionists are forced to...

A collage of Civil Rights activists who dont deserve to go unmentioned

History curriculums around the world are in dire need of an update

December 2, 2021

Opinions expressed in editorials on The Central Trend are the view of the individual writer and are not the opinion of the entire staff of The Central Trend or the Forest Hills Central staff or administration. I...

The five quarters that will be released in 2022, featuring Maya Angelou, Dr. Sally Ride, Wilma Mankiller, Nina Otero-Warren, and Anna May Wong.

The best quarterbacks that don’t even play football

December 1, 2021

While it may not seem all that exciting, sorting coins into collection books was one of my favorite activities growing up. I quickly learned about some of the nation’s greatest leaders and became fascinated...

TCTs The Countless Thanks 2021: Lauren Brace

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2021: Lauren Brace

November 24, 2021

The family of TCT - for giving me something to look forward to at the end of every day Thank you to all of the amazing writers on The Central Trend. You guys make the school so much brighter with your...

The icon for the thought-provoking and entertaining YouTube channel Jubilee

Jubilee unites society by highlighting our beautiful differences

November 17, 2021

While the term “social experiment” may seem the opposite of appealing, Jubilee takes the opportunity to create intriguing episodes that are both entertaining and educational. The audience of this Youtube...

Sophomore Nathaniel Hahn, a proud member of the FHC crew.

With the camaraderie of FHC crew, Nathaniel Hahn finds his passion in rowing

November 15, 2021

Through the turbulence of exhaustion, sophomore Nathaniel Hahn can be found persevering alongside his rowing teammates. After grueling practices with his team, the bonds between Nathaniel and his friends...

My kindergarten self indulging in one of her favorite activities: jumping into leaf piles

If only she saw me now

November 10, 2021

While she was truly happy in the moment, this joy was interrupted with the realization that the moment would soon turn into a memory. The girl cried out for the future to give her a mere glimpse of the...

This is the cover of The Friendship Onion podcast, displaying the humorous hosts.

The Friendship Onion brings a powerful behind-the-scenes connection to a platform for all audiences to enjoy

November 3, 2021

As I painted the walls of my room, the monotonous process was happily interrupted by the cheerful voices of Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd. This source of humor came from none other than their newest...

My friends and I fighting in a mid-scenario battle against Gloomhavens Spitting Drake, Cultist, and Living Bones.

Gloomhaven surpasses the limits of board games and transports players into thrilling fantasy worlds

October 20, 2021

Choosing your own adventure, fighting fantastical monsters, and cooperating with friends all combine to create the progressive board game I am addicted to: Gloomhaven. The massive box, its contents, and...

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