To my twin, thank you for being the light of my life


Ren Brace

It was truly difficult to only pick a couple of images to illustrate our lives together, but I put together some of my favorites from a variety of ages.

After writing a letter to my past self, I knew I couldn’t go without writing a letter to my other half. Though you’ve rolled your eyes at the paragraphs dedicated to you at the end of my Countless Thanks, I did warn you that an entire article was coming one day. 

Dear Tara,

I only lived for an hour and forty minutes before you came into my world—our world. You have always been the highlight of my life. Since before we were born, we’ve always shared a bond like no other. We can communicate exactly how we feel with just one look across the room.

When meeting someone new, it’s nearly impossible to conjure a memory without you. These past 18 years, you’ve played such an integral role that I can hardly imagine how different my life would be without your wonderful presence. 

I’ve always loved being a twin—or more specifically, your twin. 

I’ve loved every chapter growing up with you: talking in our secret language that others interpreted as baby blabbering, playing Littlest Pet Shop in our playroom, watching Disney movies and Harry Potter on repeat during road trips, struggling through homework, and after-school excursions. 

You’re my favorite thing, all the love that you bring. It feels like I’ve opened my eyes again, and the colors are golden and bright again. There’s a song in my heart, I feel like I belong. It’s a better place since you came along.

I endlessly admire the joy you find in the little things: the way your face lights up when a Taylor Swift or One Direction song plays in the car, the way you gaze with longing at random baking ingredients and art supplies in the store, the way you passionately describe the characters and storylines in the books you read.

Your style of expressing yourself through art leaves me in awe. You never cease to amaze me as your paintbrush makes detailed strokes across a canvas or your flute whistles a gorgeous melody, the notes floating through the cracks of your door. Then there are the times that you belt Kelly Clarkson at the top of your lungs, and my love for your talent swells to a glowing warmth that is nearly impossible to describe. 

Furthermore, your excitement is contagious, and every one of your friends is lucky to have you. It’s impressive how selflessly you bend over backward to accommodate the needs of others. You encourage everyone to go after their dreams and be their best selves. With me especially, you have pushed me out of my comfort zone too many times to count, and I’m grateful for your endless support. 

There will always be traits that I may never relate to, such as your ability to quickly fall asleep in the car or your obsession with anatomy and dissecting animals, but I still love all these passions and personality traits that make you, you. 

You never give yourself enough credit for how amazing you are. Nonetheless, I can’t help but smile when your classic “aww, stop” comes in response to any compliment you receive. You are artistic, intelligent, a talented leader, and above all, kind. 

I could go on with piles of metaphors in an attempt to explain our connection, but they would all lead to the same conclusion that I love and appreciate you beyond measure.

Thank you for being the best sister I could ever ask for. I never want to imagine a world without you in it, and thank you for showing me how beautiful the world is. I’m beyond excited to begin this next chapter with you; it’s destined to be incredible. 

Loving you always,