She lived in the beauty of the unknown


A mere fraction of the pictures taken during Spring Break, some of the most incredible moments of my life

She was told to embrace every moment. She was told to have the greatest time. She was told to hang tight to every memory and protect them from the void of oblivion. 

Gazing around in awe, she was determined to do just that. 

The waters of Portugal welcomed her with its shoreline and salty breezes while the architecture of Spain rooted her to the ground in pure amazement. Joy snaked throughout her adventures as she tasted traditional dishes and laughed over the abundance of new inside jokes. 

According to Rick Steves, the streets were pulsing with passion and abuzz with excitement. Something he hadn’t anticipated, however, was the wide-eyed girl who was content to just look at the world around her. She stood in the midst of a crowd where five different languages easily circulated, and the streets drifted between the stench of sulfur from the bacteria in the pipes and the alluring aroma of the bakery’s pastries. 

Her fingers briefly trailed along the centuries-old walls of brick, cement, and limestone as she zig-zagged along the narrow streets. She found herself in a network of people, bustling and thriving within their own elements as they rushed their way to their own destinations. 

Then there was the beach, with its sparkling waters and sun-kissed glow of perfection. True relaxation and peace enveloped her in a warm cozy hug. Meanwhile, the forest came alive with bubbling secrets, the canopy of trees intersecting into a green and wondrous beauty. Then the palaces and the cathedrals, so rich in history, dedication, and powerful architecture. Every path was a scenic route. 

Sometimes her feet would move in time to her own chosen melody, but often, she would carry on to the natural beat and music of the city. Every piece of her soul was engaged in the present, and despite how many pictures she took to remember in the future, she knew that she would never be able to capture the full extent of a moment. 

We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.

— Hilaire Belloc

In an attempt to further collect these memories, her pencil scratched an abundance of notes into her travel notebook, trying to resurrect every detail before laying her head to rest. In these words, she confessed her fears and regrets while also celebrating her many triumphs. 

Stretching herself far beyond her comfort zone, she found herself capable of more than she ever imagined, persevering through every weakness, pain, and challenge. 

From the Prado museum to the architecture of Gaudi to her own writing creations, she learned that every mark and stroke, no matter how small, has a purpose. The world may be too immense to fully comprehend, but every stroke of the artist, every ingredient from the chef, and every step of the traveler conveys an intention and direction. 

She may never check off every destination or piece together every puzzle of the world, but she is content to explore as far as destiny takes her.