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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

This year’s FHC Inspires performance once again proves the students’ incredible abilities with word

Ken George
All the speakers from the show have taken this opportunity to become closer with each other.

I’ve always had a fascination with the power of words.

From the first time a poem, song, or book moved me to tears, I knew I had discovered a life-changing opportunity that has the ability to make a difference if used in a transformative way.

My experience at the sixth annual FHC Inspires run-throughs proved that the distinguished group of sophomores chosen for the event possessed a noteworthy gift with words. Although public speaking is a daunting task for many, the first presenter of the night, Aubrey Sieler, makes it look effortless with her distinctive introduction that leads effortlessly into her talk about how simple overcoming the fear of speaking to large audiences is; you just have to give yourself permission to be passionate.

While this is quite a universal phobia, all thirty of the students that take the stage have undoubtedly utilized their rehearsal time to perfect their speeches and presence into a show that had me exiting the theater with a fresh perspective on the world. 

These individuals, though they have the microphones, would never have had this profound experience without the help of the student directors. Sophomores Cambrie Smith, Gianna Davidson, and Audrey Milanowski have worked incessantly the last month on studio decorations, merchandise, sponsorships, and even the slideshows behind the speakers to bring this top-quality production to life.

This well-rounded performance consisted of a variety of subjects, all animated by the passion carried by each presenter; I was brought to tears, both from laughter and emotion, and it was hard to look away from the personalities on stage.

I was brought to tears, both from laughter and emotion, and it was hard to look away from the personalities on stage.

Many students displayed their extraordinary level of comfort in front of an audience. Early on, Ford Fauson gave a witty and powerful speech about closing the gap between laziness and your best self. Max Reinhardt gives hilarious insight into the details of hyper fixation through an exhibit of his own obsessions. Appealing to the older audience, Paulie Erickson proves that he’s the bee’s knees in his explanation of why older generational phrases should be brought back.

Every student stands out in their own way, but Chloe Cox makes the whole process look too easy with her astonishing stage presence. Throughout her personal talk about how important memories are signified by water, she captivated my attention and was hard to look away from when I needed to take notes.

Two people decided to demonstrate their talent in a different technique with words. Emmy Norton and Nova Wilson both performed original pieces of poetry that took my breath away. Their flawless execution makes it hard to believe that the whole thing was memorized, and the impact of the sincere writing proves their gift with literature.

Some took this show as an opportunity to relay heartfelt messages to those who have the privilege of watching them. Hayden Lutz never fails to make me teary-eyed with her emotional presentation on her best friend, and Cam Penner brings the show to a phenomenal close on the importance of kindness in the world. 

I had the honor of seeing an early rehearsal of the show, and I can’t wait to witness this illuminating performance once more at the Fine Arts Center on May 28 with free admissions. Once again, director Ken George has taken the chance to change people’s lives with his final time leading the FHC Inspires crew to success.

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Rowan Szpieg
Rowan Szpieg, Staff Writer
Rowan is entering her first year on The Central Trend as a junior writer. Her love of writing developed in recent years through expressive poetry. Although it is a hobby that assumes a bit of her time already, when she's not sitting back with a new writing piece on her computer, you can find her playing her guitar. Any spare time she has that's not occupied with family or friends is spent learning to play new songs. She also loves to spend her nights under the stars around a bonfire in the summer and laughing too much playing board games in the winter. Rowan is always up for a movie night as a way to share her interest in film. When she's not watching a movie, she has Friends playing in the background on every occasion.   Comfort movie: The Proposal Favorite time of the year: When Christmas music starts to play Favorite book: Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom Favorite song to play on guitar: Don't Think Twice, It's All Right by Bob Dylan Has she shortened her watchlist of movies? Not at all! It's still over 300

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