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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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As prime tanning conditions are quickly approaching, here are my dos and don’ts of tanning

A Pinterest picture of a tanning setup.

Just like the majority of the population, my favorite time of the year is when the sun comes out, the weather warms up, and my days can be spent at my leisure. With the warm sunshine of summer quickly approaching, this means one thing and one thing only: prime tanning conditions.

Although the bipolarness of Michigan weather makes it hard to determine when the best time to roast in the sun is, I have mastered the routine of tanning, and these are my dos and don’ts. 

Sunscreen always (I never wear it)

The first and most important thing when it comes to tanning is remembering that you can still tan even with sunscreen on. Skin damage due to UV rays is a real thing, and it is important that you protect your skin when in the sun. With this being said, I typically only apply sunscreen products to my face, and for the rest of my body, I will face the consequences when they appear, but do not follow after me. During the summer, I usually switch to an SPF-infused facial moisturizer and will count that as my sunscreen application, but while sitting under the sun, I will apply Sun Bum’s facial sunscreen mist as a way to not only protect my skin but refresh it without feeling gross and sticky. Sun Bum products also smell like bananas, which is a plus. 

I will say if you cannot get on board with smelling like soy sauce during your tanning session then I would avoid this product and grab the Sun Bum browning lotion instead.

Lotion over oil 

This may be controversial, and it is definitely something that is based on personal preference and how your skin works, but I will always reach for a tanning lotion before even thinking about an oil. One of my favorite lotions to apply is the Maui Babe Browning Lotion, which creates an instant bronzing glow to the skin and leaves you with true tan results after being in the sun. I will say if you cannot get on board with smelling like soy sauce during your tanning session, then I would avoid this product and grab the Sun Bum browning lotion instead, which is essentially the same thing, just with SPF and a better smell. While I am roasting under the sun in a pool of sweat, the last thing I want to do is feel even more oily and gross. With these browning lotions, I never have to worry about that. 

Flip, Flip, and Flip

This may seem very obvious, as it is the entire motion of tanning, but you would be surprised how many times I have messed this part up. The biggest struggle with this is that I tend to fall asleep while tanning, leaving one side more tanned than the other. I have learned that the best thing for me to do is to set a timer for each side and flip every 20 minutes or so. I have also learned that in order to maximize your tan in the given time, you need to lay with the sun facing behind you so that you are able to get as much sun as you can in the amount of time you set for yourself.

Don’t get bored 

Tanning is a talent. I will not lie; it is very easy to get bored, especially when you are absolutely roasting under the sun and starting to feel sick of it. This is when you chug some water, jump in the pool (if one is accessible), and grab a snack. Put in some headphones or connect to a speaker, listen to a podcast, or play some music. My favorite podcast currently is Lexi Hidalgo’s “The Moments Podcast,” as well as my collection of summer-inspired music. Finding something to keep yourself entertained while tanning makes the time go by faster and gives you something to focus on other than the heat.

My favorite time is when I can be under the sun, soaking in the UV rays, and following these dos and don’ts have made my overall tanning experiences even better.

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Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer
Luccini is a junior entering her first year writing for The Central Trend. She has enjoyed writing from a young age and finds comfort in turning her thoughts into stories. When she is not writing, you will find her on the volleyball court. She has been playing for six years and is a part of the varsity volleyball team here at FHC. Aside from writing and playing volleyball, she enjoys watching the sunset, traveling and seeing new things, and spending time with friends. Luccini is thrilled to be a part of writing for The Central Trend this year. Favorite season: 100% fall Favorite music artist: Zach Bryan Dream vacation: Hawaii and Santorini, Greece Lucky number: 3

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