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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

Luccini Rodriguez

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Luccini is a junior entering her first year writing for The Central Trend. She has enjoyed writing from a young age and finds comfort in turning her thoughts into stories. When she is not writing, you will find her on the volleyball court. She has been playing for six years and is a part of the varsity volleyball team here at FHC. Aside from writing and playing volleyball, she enjoys watching the sunset, traveling and seeing new things, and spending time with friends. Luccini is thrilled to be a part of writing for The Central Trend this year.

Favorite season: 100% fall

Favorite music artist: Zach Bryan

Dream vacation: Hawaii and Santorini, Greece

Lucky number: 3

All content by Luccini Rodriguez
a picture from one of my favorite moments

The unwinnable race against time

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer May 15, 2024

As she looks up from across the room, there hangs a clock.  Against the monotone paint spread across the brick walls, the clock rests in a straight line sight from where she sat. Fixated on the rhythmic...

a picture from sydneys senior photos

Senior Sydney Fentzke’s future will be in the form of art

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer April 30, 2024

Senior Sydney Fentzke is awaiting her new start.  Throughout her time in high school, Sydney has learned and experienced many things. From starting her first year during the COVID-19 pandemic to participating...

a picture of me when I was younger

Dear Diary: the missing piece of me

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer April 26, 2024

She is missing something.  Walking through the halls of every structure she stands in, carrying the feeling of something left behind. Though she does not know what it is or when she lost it, she is...

my typical set up for studying during exam week

Being productive can be as simple as three steps

Luccini Rodriguez, staff writer April 24, 2024

I have never been a naturally productive person when it comes to getting things done, nor do I feel like I have ever been taught how to be productive.  With that being said, one of the biggest things...

a picture of senior Ayla Achmetovic in nature

From hikes to traveling, sunrises to sunsets, Ayla Ahmetovic’s connection with nature is what continues to shape her life

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer April 19, 2024

Senior Ayla Achmetovic is against her—possible—future kids having iPads. In today's world, children of young ages are growing up behind a screen being sucked into a digital world of pure fiction....

a picture of mascaras I have tried

My mascara collection is full of yeses and nos

Luccini Rodriguez, staff writer April 10, 2024

Growing up, the makeup I was allowed to wear was very limited.  I was always gifted the sheer plastic pallets of fruit-flavored lip glosses from Claires and Justice and the miniature foam brush these...

A picture of Abby during sunset on the beach

Abby Gleason has fallen in love with music

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer March 25, 2024

For junior Abby Gleason, music is everything.  When Abby was younger, music was nothing more than a set of words backed up by a rhythmic tune. But, as she got older, she began to find more of herself...

a picture of my friend and I walking together during sunset

Dear Diary: I’m learning to walk

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer March 15, 2024

I don’t remember anything about the first time I learned to walk.  I don’t remember anything about when I first found the rhythm in my legs to move one after another or when I gained enough balance...

a collage of different hair care products

The health of my hair is all thanks to these five products and steps

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer March 12, 2024

Growing up, I was always told how beautiful my hair was.  I was constantly complimented on how healthy my long, brown hair was and was told never to alter it. So, after 15 years of living with untouched...

a photo from a rehearsal for the musical

FHC’s musical is right around the corner and the cast is getting ready as they prepare to perform The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer March 5, 2024

Senior actress Josie Butler is most excited, yet scared, for the audience of this year's musical.  “We’re going to have people every night, in the matinee, that are going to come up and spell,...

the place I most want to be but am scared to go

Dear Diary: I wish to stay but want to leave

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer February 29, 2024

I’ve always dreamed about my life beyond these four walls.  A life where the waves crash gently against the shoreline and the pureness of the surrounding air fills my empty lungs with a gentle feeling...

a side by side comparison of winter vs summer makeup from a tik tok influencer

Here are my four favorite products for a perfect summer makeup look

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer February 27, 2024

Summer is just around and corner, and with it getting warmer outside makeup users are switching out their products to suit their skin's needs during the summer months.  Whether it’s switching shades...

a picture of the matching tattoo the two of us have.

Dear Diary: the fine lines

Luccini Rodriguez, staff writer February 18, 2024

Her skin is traced with the lines of her true state of being.  The black ink is perfectly embedded into the flat state of skin above where her watch band rests and her wrist does not bend. Every fine...

a picture of my friends and I bouquets this year

Flower bouquets are becoming more popular than the typical corsages, and it’s for the best

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer February 13, 2024

For just about any dance outfit, flowers of some sort have become an essential accessory. While it is typical to see girls walking around with a small assortment of flowers wrapped around their wrists,...

The junior and senior boys come together in a match of volleyball to kickoff Winterfest week

Macho Volleyball brings together the upperclassmen as a kickoff to Winterfest week

Luccini Rodriguez, staff writer February 7, 2024

The sound of shoes squeaking against the gym floor, the whistles blowing, and the flags flying. Students gather in the stands of the gym, and the once-silent walls are now filled with ear-piercing cheers....

Carly (right) beside her new sister Chiara

Carly Lenhart has gained a sister in the adjustment of hosting a foreign exchange student

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer February 7, 2024

Every year, foreign exchange students move across the world to learn about and immerse themselves in a new lifestyle. While this change may be a difficult adjustment for the students themselves, it is...

A picture of my friend and I hiking in New Mexico

Dear Diary: I found serenity

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer February 1, 2024

She walks through the constant dullness of a chaotic world.  Standing in the center of crowded streets, surrounded by the constant movement of those around her, she does not know where she is or where...

A collage of essentials to a typical Sunday reset routine

This is my perfected seven step Sunday reset routine

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff writer January 30, 2024

While I do dread the start of a new week that follows every Sunday, this day has become my favorite day of the week for one thing and one thing only: Sunday resets. Every Sunday, I spend my day immersing...

A picture of the two over the summer together at the pool

Dear Diary: It will always be her

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer January 18, 2024

I lay awake each night haunted by the picture that hangs in front of me.  A picture of the two side by side afloat in their laughter surrounded by nothing but the whistling air. The pureness of the...

the movie poster of After Everything: The Final Chapter

After Everything: The Final Chapter was without a doubt a perfect ending to a rather troubling love story

Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer January 18, 2024

Every spring break, I tag along with my best friend and her family on their annual road trip to Florida. While she and I fulfill our low contribution to these road trips by sitting in the back seats doing...

a picture of me at the beach in white hall

Dear diary: my life is a collection of pages

Luccini Rodriguez, staff writer January 12, 2024

She could not help but reach for the diary beside her bed.  Like every little girl, she wrote out insignificant messages, doodles, and stories of a fictional life on the pages of the diary she had...

a picture of my mom and I when I was younger

My heart is her

Luccini Rodriguez, Junior writer December 12, 2023

She’s living on an inflatable raft in the center of a storm.     The waves are crashing over her as she’s grasping onto whatever is left of the singular thing keeping her afloat. As she looks...

Christmas is different now that there are only three of us.

The lights are different this Christmas as one shines elsewhere

Luccini Rodriguez, Junior writer December 7, 2023

The tree stands proudly beside the stockings perfectly placed below the mantel.  The white granite legend where the four-lettered sock-shaped bags used to hang in alternating colors of red and green...

A picture of Stella and her campers over the summer

Stella Penner finds her future in those around her

Luccini Rodriguez, Junior Writer December 5, 2023

Junior Stella Penner is a people pleaser.  Not a typical people pleaser, however. Stella is a people pleaser in the sense that she is continuously bringing joy to those around her. Spending time around...

I live a life built by Legos

I live a life built by Legos

Luccini Rodriguez, Junior Writer November 29, 2023

I was once six years old playing with Legos. The miniature building blocks scattered disorderly across the floor as I searched for the best pieces to add to my building.  But I could never decide....

TCTs The Countless Thanks 2023: Luccini Rodriguez

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2023: Luccini Rodriguez

Luccini Rodriguez, Junior writer November 20, 2023

To Mom and Dad: for handing me the world and giving me the courage to take it  Mom and Dad, I would be lying if I said I would be anything without you guys. You have given me more than I could have...

Noah Kahans collaborative versions of his Stick Season songs are something else

Noah Kahan makes a bold move by making changes to his “Stick Season” tracks

Luccini Rodriguez, Junior Writer November 16, 2023

My music taste is heavily influenced by the 15-second videos that rain through my TikTok For You page.  While I find myself uninterested in a good portion of the sounds I have listened to, one artist...

Black Friday is a day devoted to shopping in hopes of finding the best deal

The beloved day of shopping is right around the corner

Luccini Rodriguez, Junior Writer November 15, 2023

Black Friday is an annual, extravagant day of shopping that is most known for the lines of people that crowd around the stores awaiting their openings. During this day, stores mark their racks with discounted...

A picture of me when I was younger that hangs in our hallway

The picture on the eggshell-colored wall

Luccini Rodriguez, Junior writer November 7, 2023

A picture of a little girl proudly hangs against the eggshell-colored wall.  I catch a glimpse of it each time I walk by, but I urge myself not to stop and stare, for I no longer recognize the tilted...

Zach Bryan released yet another set of songs with his newest EP Boys of Faith

The release of Zach Bryan’s new EP has let me down

Luccini Rodriguez, Junior Writer November 2, 2023

On Sep. 22, country singer Zach Bryan released his newest EP (short for extended play), Boys of Faith. Now, with the prior release of his self-titled album, Zach Bryan, being such a hit and fan favorite,...

The love Paige Harsevoort has for theater is whats made her who she is

Paige Harsevoort strives to be under the lights

Luccini Rodriguez, Junior writer October 31, 2023

She stepped on stage and immediately became utterly consumed with what was in front of her. It was a feeling of something new that struck a sense of passion for the world of performing in senior Paige...

Zach Bryans new self titled album

Zach Bryan’s new self-titled album is exactly what we needed

Luccini Rodriguez, Junior writer October 17, 2023

Although I have never been set on a particular music artist, I have become a very avid listener of any and all things Zach Bryan. Despite my previous detest of country music, Bryan shows his music to be...

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