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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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From hikes to traveling, sunrises to sunsets, Ayla Ahmetovic’s connection with nature is what continues to shape her life

a picture of senior Ayla Achmetovic in nature

Senior Ayla Achmetovic is against her—possible—future kids having iPads.

In today’s world, children of young ages are growing up behind a screen being sucked into a digital world of pure fiction. But, for Ayla, when it comes to her future family, she is set on the idea of an unplugged lifestyle. 

“I’m not, especially at a young age, going to let my kids have iPads,” Ayla said. “I think if anything I might just give them a very simple flip phone or something that in the way they can call me if they need me, but something that they’re not going to be on it all day.” 

From the moment she could walk, Ayla was exposed to nature and the real world around her. From jumping in the lake, going on a simple walk, or exploring campgrounds, Ayla has always been outside and enjoyed immersing herself in the simplicity of the pure air. 

She grew up in a very “on-the-go doing things” family as her mom has always been a very active explorer and adventurous, making Ayla spend more time outside and doing little things growing up. 

Staring at those things makes you appreciate all of the little things that happen in our universe that aren’t man-made.

— Ayla Ahmetovic

“My mom is very much a sightseeing person, so I feel like I’ve been conditioned to always go do things,” Ayla. “The more places I go, the more things I see, the more appreciation I get for it. If no one made me go camping or anything like that, I definitely wouldn’t appreciate [the world] as much as I do now.” 

Being able to experience nature in new ways and see a life outside of where she has grown up has become an important aspect of Ayla’s life and is one that is determining her next steps in life. 

“A big part of choosing what college I wanted to go to was based on the fact that it is a big college, but it’s a really pretty one,” Ayla said. “There’s tons of walks and parks to go walk through. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to spend the next four years of my life somewhere where I don’t feel connected to nature.”

Living in an area where Ayla has the ability to feel and grow her connection to nature is a big factor in where she will be after high school. One way she does this is by traveling, which the Achmetovic family has been fortunate enough to do over the years, and the places they have gone have only grown Ayla’s appreciation and love for the world she lives in. 

With having family in Hawaii, the island has become Ayla’s favorite place to visit. The change in scenery and culture is what Ayla has grown most fond of and learned to love. 

“[Hawaii] has that small-town feel wherever you go,” Ayla said. “It’s really nature-y and picturesque, and no matter where you go, it’s really beautiful. Driving [in Hawaii] is not what it is to be driving in Michigan. Here you’re driving on the highways looking at a bunch of concrete, but when you go to Hawaii, there are mountains on either side of you.”

With her aspirations to study abroad in Spain, Ayla’s travels will only grow as she gets further in life, opening new doors and deepening her connection with the nature she is surrounded with. She will be visiting this upcoming summer and is hoping to make this her future place of study as the culture and language of Spain have been a growing interest of hers. 

Ayla has always lived a very simple life that has allowed her to stay connected with nature. Whether it was forced or not, her being able to jump in the lake, go on a hike, or simply sit under the sun has made her the person she is today and has allowed her to live the life she not only has, but is also planning on having in the future. 

“[Connecting with nature] has made me more grateful for the world we have around us and the way that the world works,” Ayla said. “Seeing sunrises and sunsets or waterfalls and things like that; it’s just fascinating to sit there and see the sunrise or the sunset and see waves coming and going. Staring at those things makes you appreciate all of the little things that happen in our universe that aren’t man-made.” 

Ayla has found serenity in the simplicity of her connection with nature and the pureness of the world she is living in, and she wants the same thing for her family in the future. 

“I want them to go out and actually do things,” Ayla said. “I want them to ride bikes and get scrapes on their knees and elbows. Yes, it’s dangerous, but those are things that happen to you when you’re growing up that make you who you are. I feel like being on a screen or inside all day [takes away from] those hard childhood experiences to make you realize things, learn life lessons, and make you who you are.” 

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Luccini Rodriguez, Staff Writer
Luccini is a junior entering her first year writing for The Central Trend. She has enjoyed writing from a young age and finds comfort in turning her thoughts into stories. When she is not writing, you will find her on the volleyball court. She has been playing for six years and is a part of the varsity volleyball team here at FHC. Aside from writing and playing volleyball, she enjoys watching the sunset, traveling and seeing new things, and spending time with friends. Luccini is thrilled to be a part of writing for The Central Trend this year. Favorite season: 100% fall Favorite music artist: Zach Bryan Dream vacation: Hawaii and Santorini, Greece Lucky number: 3

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