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The belligerent truth of Biggby’s felonious fall menu


These last few weeks, I have been betraying one of my dearest friends: summer. On August 24, 2023, Starbucks relinquished its fall food and beverage menu—a month before summer ended. No matter how hard I tried, I could not resist consuming their fall-in-a-cup beverages. Thankfully, fall has now arrived, and I don’t have to be ashamed of my beverage choices. I decided, “Why not embrace it?” Why don’t I try Biggby’s fall menu to celebrate this season? This decision was one of the most pleasant and unpleasant decisions I have ever made.

Pumpkin Spice Latte
When I think of fall drinks, Pumpkin Spice Lattes perfectly represent that. Ever since I discovered the blissful taste of this drink I haven’t been ashamed to call myself basic— who doesn’t love a Pumpkin Spice Latte? Well, I don’t; at least, not Biggby’s take on Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

When I got the drink, I was overwhelmed by the unappetizing look of it—it was drizzled in a pumpkin-colored orange. Yes, orange is a color I think of when I think of “fall,” but it made the Pumpkin Spice Latte look unappetizing. Along with that, when I took my first sips I didn’t taste pumpkin but maybe a rotten pumpkin; but, then again, I have never tasted rotten pumpkin. I did taste the spice, though. It was like the spice didn’t feel like being spicy; it was underwhelming in that category. I gave it a 3/10-the whipped cream was good.

Sweet Foam Pumpkin Cold Brew
I can’t describe how badly I wish the Pumpkin Spice Latte was the only bad thing on this menu, but unfortunately, I can’t say that. I was so concerned with throwing up after my first sip of the Sweet Foam Pumpkin Cold Brew that I couldn’t begin to describe what I was tasting. I’d like to say I’m not a dramatic person. I don’t overreact, but It took me roughly five minutes to muster the courage to take another sip, and when I did, I had to spit it out. It tastes like how I imagine a sock would taste if it got so dirty it became orange-brown, disguising itself as a member of the Autumn community.

A friend of mine who tasted the drink with me said and I quote, “The worst thing I have ever tasted.” Unfortunately, I don’t blame him for saying this. I gave the Sweet Foam Pumpkin Cold Brew 1/10-the sweet foam was fine.

Caramel Apple Cider
Thankfully, the Caramel Apple Cider was not a disappointment. It is one of those drinks where if you take a sip thinking about caramel, you’ll taste caramel, and if you drink it thinking about apple cider, you’ll taste apple cider. I can say with confidence that this was a good cup of cider. On the downside, I wouldn’t go to a coffee shop to get cider, but it is nice to know that if I ever wanted it, I could always go to Biggby to get a good cup of Caramel Apple Cider. I give it a 6/10-it would be better if I desired to drink Apple Cider on a regular basis.

Pumpkin Muffin
I personally have never been a huge fan of pumpkin-flavored foods but Biggby’s Pumpkin Muffin changed my mindset. The Pumpkin Muffin is a large Muffin lightly clambered- there’s not an overpowering pumpkin taste. It has a swirl of cream cheese on the top that balances the pumpkin taste. I was pleasantly surprised with this scrumptious treat and would gladly get it again. I give it an 8/10-yummy.

Maple Waffle Sandwich
The Maple Waffle Sandwich single-handedly saved the fall menu. It took the standard breakfast sandwich to another level. Instead of the sausage egg and cheese being sandwiched between two loaves of bread, two maple-covered waffles took their place. By adding the waffles, it allowed the whole sandwich to be considered “breakfast.” The sweet maple waffle balanced with the savory sausage egg and cheese created the perfect bite. I give it a 10/10-perfect bite of fall.

All in all, I was disappointed with Biggby’s Fall menu. Thankfully, I did not have to be disappointed with the whole Autumn menu. I can confidently say I will continue my daily trips to Biggby but certainly not for their fall beverages; their Autumn foods on the other hand will most definitely be purchased by me.

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Peyton Robinson
Peyton Robinson, Junior Writer
Peyton Robinson is a sophomore entering her first year on The Central Trend. She has always loved writing. Other hobbies Peyton enjoys doing are playing softball, spending time with her friends and family, and playing with her puppy, Bowser, a miniature Rottweiler. She was on FHC's Varsity Softball team her freshman year and plans on playing through the rest of her high school career. Usually, Peyton spends her free time hanging out with friends and doing homework. Peyton lives a happy life and is excited to be a part of The Central Trend. Favorite movie: The Sandlot Starbucks order: Venti Pink Drink with light ice and no strawberry inclusions. Position in softball: Left fielder and third baseman. Favorite artist: Bruno Mars Her car's name: Helga  

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