Scooter’s Coffee was spirited and speedy


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A Scooter’s Coffee drive-through: quick and convenient.

I am absolutely terrible at time management. Notoriously terrible even, especially in the morning when I’m getting ready for school—I’ll wake up an hour before I have to leave and still be extraordinarily close to being late. 

So, typically, running out for a morning coffee is not an option for me. However, I recently decided to wake up an extra hour early, which, when factored in with procrastination, meant I left the house about 15 minutes earlier than usual. This was all for a morning drink, but I was still cutting it close and was concerned that I might still be late. So, I drove the fastest I legally could to Scooter’s Coffee, which is located down the road from the KDL on 28th Street, and pulled up, sighing with relief when I saw the short line.

Initially, I didn’t really understand the hype about Scooter’s. Its entire appeal is being a quick and easy drive-through-only coffee shop, but pretty much all coffee chains now have a drive-through. At this point, my only hope to be on time for school was that Scooter’s would live up to its reputation.

Fortunately, it did. From the moment I pulled into the driveway to the second I turned out of it with my drink in the cupholder, only three minutes had passed.

From the moment I pulled into the driveway to the second I turned out of it with my drink in the cupholder, only three minutes had passed.

To begin with, the service was absolutely stellar. The workers were very kind and welcoming, keeping up the spirit of Scooter’s short and sweet service. My order was taken very quickly, and almost immediately after I had ordered, my car was already at the pay-and-pickup window, and from there, my drink was already prepared.

Now, the most crucial thing about the experience was, clearly, the drink itself. I decided to order the blue raspberry energy boost drink as a safety choice because I tend to be very picky on my iced coffees. The picture on the display was also very aesthetically pleasing, with a yellow top that faded into a deep green as it progressed.

When I received my drink, I was slightly hesitant to try it. It was completely blended, which may have benefitted the taste, but the colors had mixed into a deep turquoise that was somewhat reminiscent of the Taco Bell Baja Blast. 

The smell wasn’t enticing either since it smelled overbearingly sweet and artificial—the “energy drink” taste. I finally took a sip, and thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised. It was just as good as any other energy drink I had tried from a coffee shop, perhaps even better. It had a great ratio of sweetness and carbonation, leading to a balanced and enjoyable drink.

My friends have tried the blended frozen coffees from Scooter’s and also found that they are successful. While I personally am not a fan of what are essentially “coffee milkshakes” when I just want a caffeine-filled morning drink, I trust my fellow coffee connoisseurs that Scooter’s excels in sweet treats as well.

Scooter’s was unexpectedly quick and simple, so whenever I need to swing by for something as fast as possible, Scooter’s will surely be my destination. While I have favorite drinks at all coffee shops, Scooter’s has been added to my list of places to stop at when I’m in a rush.