GT’s Kombucha spring edition flavor, “Bloom,” is a jubilee of fresh flavors for this new chapter of life


Meghan Kennedy

My first bottle of “Bloom” pictured in front of a bright bouquet of pink tulips.

I am desperate for spring, as most of us—at least in the Midwest—are. Though I am seeking a warmer world, I continue to use cool bottles of GT’s Kombucha to cope, something that is very in character for me. Now, as I am shedding my seventeenth year on this planet, I have felt the need for a proper awakening—possibly something that could take the form of a new kombucha flavor for my looming adulthood. 

As much as I have relished the Winter Edition flavor, “Pure Love,” I have had a subtle lingering thought about what the spring edition flavor would entail; what would the flavors be? What would the packaging look like? What would the color scheme be? And most importantly, when would this flavor hit the shelves? Too many questions floated around my head about this unknown flavor, so I decided to be patient. After all, GT’s had not made any Instagram posts alluding to a spring flavor, so I was trying not to get my hopes too high.

After browsing Trader Joe’s for celebratory food items, my best friend Jessie and I made our way to Meijer to scour their birthday candle selection for our miniature, yet decadent chocolate cake. From the moment our feet met the parking lot pavement, high-speed winds and belligerent flakes of snow thwarted us—the antithesis of what the nearing spring season is supposed to bring. I was anticipating the moment I would be purchasing the spring edition flavor, but I expected a little less snow and a little more sun. Instead, it was almost a reenactment of how the trip went when I first bought “Pure Love” back in January.

Once the automatic doors swooped open with chivalry, the bright lights and boughs of grocery store goods welcomed us. We acquired the candles we came for, but something inside told me that I needed to go check out the kombucha selection; would there possibly be the new flavor awaiting my purchase?

We walked closer to the glowing chrome of the kombucha shelves, noticing nothing out of the ordinary. Then, in the very bottom left corner of the GT’s section, I saw it: the spring edition flavor, “Bloom.”

A glint of amethyst and lavender leaped into my line of sight, pulling my attention even closer to the bottle. As I reached to pick it up, an intricately designed butterfly fluttered into my grasp, holding the title of the flavor vertically in its torso—this was certainly one of my favorite designs I have ever seen etched on a GT’s bottle. The glass settled into the blush of my palms as I scoped out the flavors that “Bloom” offered; resting in a bed of lilac hues beneath the butterfly read the flavors jasmine, elderflower, and violet—how could this combo be any more perfect?

In my standards, the location in which the taste test takes place is vital to the overall experience, so I needed to hold off until we were hunkered down in Jessie’s abode. One more trip through the hasty parking lot and the white-out roads lead us back to safety—that meant the moment I had been waiting for was about to ensue. After settling atop of blankets and switching on the finale of season four of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I cracked open the lid of “Bloom.” The colorful and upbeat title sequence of our favorite show had rang out as I commenced my taste test. 

Now, I get to enter adulthood with a glistening bottle of GT’s spring edition Flavor, “Bloom,” literally in my hand and figuratively by my side.

First, notes of jasmine entered my palette, followed by a smooth, gentle taste of elderflower; the flavor of this one-of-a-kind flower is calm, yet distinct, making for a perfect complement to the initial jasmine. I had never really known what violet had tasted like previously, but its ambiguous flavor mended together the other two aromas and befriended its overarching purple essence.

“Bloom” airs on more of the subdued side when compared to the very pungent kombucha flavors out there. For some people, the mild flavors are easier to be acquainted with—I am the kind of person that enjoys every flavor no matter its intensity, but the jasmine, elderflower, and violet easily let me sip it down in no time. Additionally, it paired beautifully with our mixed and matched creamy hummus and spicy fajita wraps. Sometimes, the tranquil kombuchas such as “Bloom” are perfect for a more peaceful state of being.

As we watched the final two episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel under a garland of twinkling fairy lights and neon glow sticks, I finished my first ever bottle of “Bloom.” I ruminated on the beautiful and bountiful beverage I had just consumed as the moment for illuminating the birthday cake had come. 

Once I blew out the candles of the prelude-to-my-birthday celebration, all I could feel was gratitude; everything in that moment was exactly where it was supposed to be. I was with one of my favorite people in the world, in the midst of watching one of my favorite shows in the world, and was accompanied by one of my favorite drinks in the world, all while prematurely celebrating my most significant birthday yet.

GT’s spring edition Flavor, “Bloom,” could not have arrived at a better time. Though I was hoping more crocuses would be sprouting from the ground and more buds would be blooming from the branches with the arrival of this flavor, I wouldn’t change it. That’s the thing about these seasonal special edition flavors; they come at the moment they are intended to arrive, no matter what it looks like outside. They make room for creating memories in that specific time frame and with that specific set of flavors. 

“Bloom” truly is one of the lightest, most refreshing flavors out of the GT’s selection there is. I have since bought two other bottles and have enjoyed them equally as much as my first taste test. Days have passed, and now the grass is meeting the sun and blue skies can be seen once again, the birds are chirping, and my next bottles of “Bloom” are soon going to be stocked in my fridge. I did not expect to be greeted by the release of a new kombucha flavor this close to my birthday, but I am quite happy I was. Now, I get to enter adulthood with a glistening bottle of GT’s spring edition Flavor, “Bloom,” literally in my hand and figuratively by my side.