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Meghan Kennedy
Meghan, AKA Meggie, is a junior and is just starting her journey with The Central Trend.  During this whole pandemic, she has dug deep into her emotions and has found an abundance of inspiration (at times). She thoroughly enjoys deep conversations, painting, drawing, dance classes, and listening to albums on repeat. She hopes to express herself through writing on TCT this upcoming year and is anticipating great things despite current circumstances.

Favorite times of day: mid-morning and right before dark

Activities outside of school: art of all sorts, dancing ballet and contemporary, hanging with friends and fam, and bingeing tv-shows (basic, I know)

Favorite random things: laughing at incoherent memes, dogs, yoga, laying on the floor while listening to music, talking about otherworldly topics with her best friends

Favorite movies and TV shows: Superbad and The Office

Meghan Kennedy, Staff Writer

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Meghan Kennedy