GT’s Kombucha fall edition flavor, “Living in Gratitude,” is my autumnal elixir


Meghan Kennedy

A picture of the first bottle of the “Living in Gratitude” flavor I had ever tried. This was an authentic and beautiful moment.

I consider myself a kombucha connoisseur. From the crack of the bottle cap revealing the flowing plumes of vapor to the crisp bite of the first sip, I know my way around a good kombucha.

If you don’t already know what it is, kombucha is a fermented tea beverage with fizzles of tang and fusions of flavor. I don’t have the means to accurately explain the complexities of this beverage, but it’s desirable nevertheless. Within the past couple of years, this drink has been largely popularized for its anomalous taste and its abundant health benefits, including plentiful probiotics and antioxidants and the reduced risk of certain diseases and cancers. I, among many, have acquired the taste of this seemingly magical beverage and revel in its blessings whenever the opportunity stands.

The first time I had ever tasted kombucha was a product of the brand GT’s Kombucha. I had previous knowledge of this kombucha brand along with the founder, GT Dave, courtesy of the YouTubers Cody Ko and Noel Miller. In one of their joint videos, they observed and playfully heckled the peculiar lifestyle of GT Dave and dubbed him the “Kombucha King.” Dave happened across their video and subsequently invited the two YouTubers to his not-so-humble kombucha abode to officially introduce them to his world. As it turns out, GT Dave is a compassionate and kind person who aims to improve the health and wellbeing of all who dive into the world of kombucha. So when I purchased my very first bottle of GT’s, I knew it was the real deal with a pure intention—at that moment, my obsession kicked off.

Each facet of every flavor melded with the last, as each sip was a complex, everchanging story of its own. 

Since then, I have tried multiple other brands of kombucha, but never garnered the satisfaction I usually attain from GT’s, so I decided to stick to what I knew best. I have cycled through the variety of flavors and discovered my preferences through the subtle nuances present in each bottle. I honestly love and truly feel the benefits working in my digestive system after every bottle I consume—it’s quite indescribable. I can’t say that I have just one favorite, but as of a couple of Fridays ago, the competition of my top-rated flavors grew tighter with the addition of a special edition flavor.

I was going about my business in a Trader Joe’s when the heavens opened up on a GT’s “Living in Gratitude” kombucha bottle. I noticed its burnt orange color scheme and packaging differentiating from the other familiarly colored bottles—I put the pieces together and realized that the glorious bottle awaiting my purchase was the fall edition of the GT’s Kombucha collection. 

I finished the rest of my shopping and anticipated my arrival at the checkout counter. I expressed my excitement about the exclusive flavor to the cashier and then we proceeded to talk about our dogs for the rest of the item-scanning process. After my grocery trip wrapped up, I sprinted back to my car with my kombucha and keys crumpled together in one hand while the other pushed the frantic cart. I unloaded the groceries into the backseat and forced my unwilling brother—who had been waiting in my car—to take pictures of me with my prized kombucha possession. He judged me and I felt insane for wanting pictures with a drink, but it was totally worth it. 

Here is one of the unnecessary photos I took with my kombucha, courtesy of my brother. (Owen Kennedy)

Once I settled into the driver’s seat, I prepared myself for the momentous occasion that was about to occur—the taste test. My brother watched as I unleashed the autumn aroma from the cold glass, and the smells smacked me in the face—the sweet spice was utterly intoxicating. I swirled the bottle in front of my brother so he could also catch a whiff of the goodness, but to my dismay, he was reactionless. I had to move past his lack of excitement, so I embraced the foreign flavor with my tastebuds. First, there was a tang, and then came a twist of sweet. Then the apple, carrot, turmeric, and other autumnal spices revealed themselves to me as the first sip became complete. Each facet of every flavor melded with the last as each sip was a complex, everchanging story of its own. 

As I analyzed every subtlety I had just experienced, I came to the realization that this was one of the best flavors I had ever tasted from GT’s Kombucha. It wasn’t overly intense or vinegary, and it wasn’t underwhelmingly basic or lackluster. It was just a perfect balance of piquancy, sweetness, and kick that exceptionally epitomizes the familiarity of fall we have all grown to cherish.

But the perfection doesn’t end there as the packaging of the special edition drink seals the deal. The design on the “Living in Gratitude” label shows a silhouette of a person sitting with their legs crossed and their palms pressed together and up towards the sky. Roots are growing from beneath the person and golden stems and leaves are growing out from their arms, creating a beautiful tree as a whole. The image is symbolic of having appreciation and gratitude for your health and natural surroundings because that’s what GT’s is all about. 

I know for darn sure that I am grateful for GT’s Kombucha and every bottle of bliss they produce—I am a sincere and proud fangirl of every element of this company. Since my initial taste test of this flavor, I have bought several bottles of the “Living in Gratitude” flavor and have never come close to getting sick of it. While the season is nearing its peak, I will continue to enjoy this autumnal kombucha beverage until I cannot anymore.