Clean Eatz is providing a healthier alternative to frozen pizza

Clean Eatz scrumptious pepperoni pizza


Clean Eatz scrumptious pepperoni pizza

Working out two to three times a day, I’d like to come to the conclusion that I’m decently healthy. My Apple watch rings are always full, I attain an adequate amount of cardio and weight training is how I start my days. Physically, I am “healthy,” but dietary-wise, that’s where the hard work goes out of the door. 

Regardless of the food, I never seem to select the “healthier” option. Double-stuffed Oreos beat out Oreo thins any day, and who wants to eat a whole grain Pop-Tart? It’s not necessarily a bad thing to choose an option with more calories and fat, but recently, I’ve found a better alternative to my favorite food—Clean Eatz pizza.

Initially, it made me nervous; to try something new. But with each and every bite, the only thought I had was why have I been eating Digiorno for so long?

It was during one of my numerous late-night digs through the freezer, grumbling stomach and glass of milk in my hand, that I fell upon the only slightly appealing dish in my entire house. At first glance, Clean Eatz pepperoni pizza looks relatively normal to any frozen pizza you can grab out of the freezer aisle at your local Meijer. However, it is made with a cauliflower crust. 

Again, my diet consists of essentially chicken nuggets and brownie mix, so this “healthy” pizza sounded appalling. In addition to that, cauliflower is not my favorite. Yet, I still preheated the oven to 400 degrees and baked for seven to nine minutes and long behold, my first cauliflower pizza. 

Initially, it made me nervous to try something new. But with each and every bite, the only thought I had was why have I been eating Digiorno for so long? This pizza has, quite literally, the perfect cheese to sauce ratio, which seems to be the most difficult task for pizza makers to master. In addition to that, I am a tremendous fan of the thin, almost garlicky crust this frozen feast attains. There’s not much to really elaborate on besides the fact it’s made of entirely cauliflower crust, Clean Eatz makes healthy pepperoni pizza taste divine. 

The real kicker though is that one of these Clean Eatz pepperoni pizzas is 734 calories and has 33 grams of protein. For a food that is generally known as unhealthy, extremely greasy, and high in fat and carbs, these facts are astonishing. A Digornio pizza has roughly 2,000 calories in a singular pie—more than double the amount. 

Unless you are extremely deathly allergic to cauliflower, everyone has to try Clean Eatz pizzas. Not only are they profoundly healthier, but honestly, they just taste less fake and are especially amazing for people like me who hate extreme greasiness and fake-tasting cheese. So, if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to everyone’s favorite food pizza, don’t dial JT’s or pick up a Digornio, grab one from Clean Eatz.