Teleties recent releases are the reason they claim the title of “best hair ties”


Teleties on Instagram

You can never have too many Teleties!

It’s that time of the year again when my conscience shrieks at the idea that I need to proclaim my undying love for Teleties yet again. Now, if you know me, you know I love my Teleties practically more than my own mother loves me. And regardless of if I’m headed to the gym for my daily workout, or to work—lifeguarding for hours—you will not catch me without a Teletie. 

I’ve already done my initial review on these life-changing hair ties. But, in the past couple of months, Teleties has dropped several different patterns that I am struggling to retain myself from buying. So, let’s dig into each of these exciting releases ranging from simplistic florals to loud, patriotic reds, whites, and blues.

Spring Collection (Teleties on Instagram)

Although spring has passed and we are pleasantly rolling into the blazing summer months, let’s take a look back at the “Spring Collection.” Scanning through Teleties website now, it’s easy to see that this collection was a tremendous success. Only four patterns remain stocked, and I’m sure there are very few left in the warehouse. Prior to this point, I had the pleasure of purchasing multiple packs from this drop, as well as forcing all of my friends to buy them.

The Daisy Pack was undoubtedly my absolute favorite. The simple floral design paired with the basic white and yellow ties just makes this bundle so sweet and elegant. My other favorite from this collection was the Sherbet Pack. I am a monumental fan of peach and orange tones, so when I saw the Sherbet pack let’s just say I clicked purchase real quickly. These two shades, as well as lavender and a muted purple hue, embody the exact colors of spring. All in all, the Teleties spring collection was easily one of my favorites.

Coca Cola Collection (Teleties on Instagram)

Next up is a release I wasn’t too sure about to begin with, but it ended up being one of the best yet. The Coca-Cola Collection was a partnership with Coca-Cola to create some of the most unique and detailed Teleties I have seen yet. Containing a plethora of differing Coke theme hair ties, each pack within the collection has a specialized Coca-Cola print. And although these individual prints speak for themselves in being adorable, there is also a singular element to this collection that made me need to buy them.

For some quick background knowledge, each Teletie is equipped with a minuscule rubber ring hanging off the hairband, reading the brand name “Teleties.” However, instead of the simplistic clear rings, this Coca-Cola collab has rings reading “Coke” hanging off the side. I believe this was the perfect detail to maintain the Teleties image, while still being funky and bubbly just like the American favorite, Coca-Cola.

Americana Collection (Teleties on Instagram)


Coca-Cola, an American favorite, is seen cracked open in the hands of many Americans on Memorial Day. Luckily, Teleties’ most recent drop, the “Americana Collection,” was released right before this nationwide holiday. Slightly different from last year’s Fourth of July collection, these packs are all things American, even down to the name “Firecracker.” Decked out in all shades of red, white, and blue, this USA-themed pack makes me want to grab a can of Coke, along with a hot dog, right now. Not only are the patterns bold and patriotic, but I love the thought of having a Teletie for every occasion; after all, I do wear them every day.

It’s simply impossible to select a favorite pack, or even collection out of Teleties’ recent releases, but I can urge everyone to go buy some right now. Teleties are extremely comfortable on your hair and wrist, and they are such adorable patterns that fit for any occasion. So, I hope my love for Teleties and their new patterns came across clearly, but they truly are the best hair tie brand. Oh, and by the way, Teleties Summer Collection launches today.