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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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No matter where and no matter when, Madeleine White is always able to whip up a flawless look

Madeleine White
These are all of Madeleine White’s Coachella looks: the left is her day one mermaid look, the top right is her day two snake look, and the bottom right is her day three rose look.

I am not much of a fashion connoisseur.

Sure, I am well aware of what styles are “in” and what clothing is no longer in season. I have gauged what looks good on me and what does not, and I have learned how to gain a compliment or two on whatever I’m wearing. 

However, there are some people in the world who really know what they’re doing.

Specifically, I am talking about TikTok influencer Madeleine White, who is all-knowing in the fashion realm. Her videos are basically all in the format of a  “Get ready with me,” as she walks us through the process of doing her hair and makeup for events, and, my favorite part, when she’s getting dressed.

White often focuses her outfit on one aspect of the look, whether that be an item of clothing or an accessory. In many of her videos, White embarks upon the challenge of styling obscure items of clothing and does not give up until she conjures up the perfect look. It amazes me to watch her because she can sometimes take the most outwardly ugly things and turn them into something jaw-dropping. Her knack for clothing is something I constantly admire.

Every year, I most closely follow her while she is at the biggest music festival of the year, Coachella. It has become a norm there to dress in flamboyant and flashy outfits to post on social media, and White does not come to mess around. She has photo albums on her phone with inspiration for her looks of the weekend and begins her planning months in advance. This year, all three of her outfits had me, once again, jealous of White’s impeccable eye for a fashionable look.

It is safe to say that this look was perfectly thought-out and was a success for her first day at the festival.”

Each day that White was at Coachella, she had a different theme for her outfit. Her first day, she decided, would have the vibes of a mermaid. To accomplish this, White added wavy extensions to her hair and braided in puka shells and pearls. For her makeup, she had extravagant eyes with hues of pink, blue, and purple adorned with dainty gems, and she gave the rest of her face a more natural look. While aiming high with a difficult eye look, White executed it perfectly and I was easily able to see her vision. 

For her outfit, White wore a sea-foam green resin top in the shape of a mermaid tail, and a ruffled skort in the same shade. She wore cowboy boots with this outfit, which I don’t fully agree was the right move, but it matched all of the white pearls she had dangling off her body. It is safe to say that this look was perfectly thought-out and was a success for her first day at the festival.

For White’s second day, her theme was snakes. For her hair, she used hair extensions again to create a dramatic high ponytail, which works incredibly well with her theme. Makeup-wise, she did dramatic eyes once again with a natural face, doing bejeweled snakes as eyeliner, which ended up looking incredible.

For her snake outfit, White took inspiration from her photo albums and, as she put it, “DIY’d” herself a 3D snake dress. After purchasing a black dress with cutouts along the front, White painted a rubber snake gold and weaved it through the entire front side of her dress. She accessorized with dramatic gold earrings and a gold snake cuff to go on her arm, along with gorgeous black boots to tie the whole look together. While I am obsessed with every single look that White did for Coachella, both her amazing style and craftsmanship have the snake outfit soaring high above the rest.

For White’s third and final outfit, her theme is roses. She begins with a “Blake Lively”-inspired messy fishtail braid with big red roses popping out. For her makeup look, she did not go as dramatic with her eyeshadow, but considering how much she did with her hair it was the right move. For day three, White did a red eyeshadow look and added red rhinestones to her lids, which matched the red roses of the rest of her look flawlessly.

Once again, for this outfit, White did have to add a little bit of her own flair to things, specifically when there were some issues with her skirt that ended up with her hand-stitching red roses to the entire surface area of the clothing—too much work or not, she still ended up with the look she had hoped for. As a top, White wore a simple, strapless red corset, which was the perfect move considering how busy the skirt was. To accessorize, White used dainty gold jewelry, a rose petal belt, and a red leather jacket. Everything about this outfit tied together effortlessly and I ended up loving every bit of it.

If I could have anyone’s fashion sense in the world, it would be Madeleine White’s. She has mastered the art of deciphering what clothing looks best with what accessories and is one of few people to turn something ugly into something show-stopping. Whether it is at Coachella or simply her messing around in her closet, White will always be who I go for when in dire need of a flawless outfit.

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Sofia Hargis-Acevedo, Editor-in-Chief
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