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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

Sofia Hargis-Acevedo

Sofia Hargis-Acevedo, Editor in Chief

Sofia is a junior entering her third year on The Central Trend as Editor in Chief. She is on the FHCVDT and has been dancing for fourteen years. Since she joined the class her freshman year, Sofia has learned to express herself through the wonderful art of writing. She has found a home in room 139 and cannot imagine spending her sixth hour anywhere else with anyone else. When she's not in the classroom or on the dance floor, you will find Sofia at the bookstore picking up every book she sees, flipping through the pages, and then writing down the name of the book in her notes so she can come back for it later. She also loves to spend her free time with her friends laughing and driving around. She is more than excited for this school year and all that will come with it.

Her top item on her bucket list: Go to a bunch of national parks out west, specifically Mt. Rainier in Washington

Her favorite book: The Song of Achilles, by Madeline Miller

Her comfort movie: Juno; it's such a cute and goofy movie

Is she still scared of flying things? Yes, unfortunately she still is

All content by Sofia Hargis-Acevedo
The talented creators of the senior video for the class of 2023, seniors Lara Butlevics and Allison Kelly.

The senior video for the class of 2023 will be bittersweet and memorable

January 30, 2023

On the first day of school, seniors Lara Butlevics and Allison Kelly ran up to their classmates and asked them their thoughts on senior year. Now, this was not without motive, as Lara and Allison have...

Pictured here are the college dance teams of University of Minnesota, Louisiana State University, Ohio State University, and University of Nevada Las Vegas at the 2023 UDA College Dance National Championship.

This year’s UDA College Dance National Championship had me invested from start to finish

January 25, 2023

Each year towards the middle of January, every dancer across the nation—including myself—turns their undivided attention to the UDA College Dance National Championship. All the college dance teams...

A picture of the movie poster for Dog Gone.

Dog Gone was an endearing movie about a man’s best friend

January 17, 2023

In the fifth grade, my favorite book was A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. My teacher read it to the class as a read-aloud, and, lucky for me, a movie based on the book was released later in the...

A picture of junior Dylan Pomeroy.

Dylan Pomeroy discovers peace in the pool

January 13, 2023

As a junior in high school, Dylan Pomeroy swiftly slices through the water as he races down the pool. And, while he loves to be in the water now, his passion for swimming did not have a voluntary beginning...

Some of the things I see on BookTok.

BookTok has created a community for both avid and new readers

January 10, 2023

I used to think of reading as a chore. I thought it was boring, and I would groan whenever my teachers handed me a reading log to complete. There would be small bursts where I would find myself engrossed...

This was taken right before the ice froze beneath my feet, before time stopped before my eyes.

The ice has shattered, and I emerge anew

January 6, 2023

With my frigid feet, I was standing on frozen grounds. Not a single crack was visible from five feet and four-and-a-half inches above—I was standing on solid ice. I tried walking, but I couldn’t...

This was taken in the summer, when her juniper footprints were vibrant.

Her juniper footprints are fading

December 7, 2022

Her head is pounding. She is racing through the mental list she has made herself over and over again, hoping it won’t take hours to complete. But that is never the case; she will always have something....

Some of the stuff on my Christmas Wishlist, minus the Tommys Express Car Wash membership.

What’s on my Christmas list 2022

November 29, 2022

December is only a mere few days away. With this, the holiday season is drawing near. Black Friday came and went, just like Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. An abundance of sales has prompted...

TCTs The Countless Thanks 2022: Sofia Hargis-Acevedo

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2022: Sofia Hargis-Acevedo

November 24, 2022

To The Central Trend staff, for brightening my day as we walk into room 139 Eva, thank you for entertaining me with incredible stories and gossip during sixth hour. Kiera, thank you for always being...

Living vicariously through the photographs

Living vicariously through the photographs

November 22, 2022

I’ve always loved pictures. They’re a moment in time, a frozen piece of life that can be preserved forever. I spend my free time when there’s nothing else to do scrolling back through the years...

Photos of Taylor Swift from many of her tours.

Taylor swift has infiltrated FHC and has impacted the lives of many staff and students

November 21, 2022

Senior Val Garza remembers exactly when she believes she became a true Taylor Swift fan. While she grew up listening to “Mean” on repeat on her iPod Nano and Red on CD in her family’s minivan,...

The book cover of It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover.

Colleen Hoover’s sequel to It Ends With Us had me enthralled by the lives of Lily and Atlas

November 15, 2022

I hate to admit it, but I have fallen under Colleen Hoover’s spell. I have heard of her best-selling novel, It Ends With Us, for years now, and with her books gaining a lot of traction on TikTok,...

This is me and my cousin back when we would make various menus for imaginary customers and tell each other silly dreams.

The gratitude monologues – 600 miles of conversation

November 9, 2022

I can’t remember a time in our lives when we weren’t attached at the hip. When we were young, we would play "restaurant" with imaginary food and guests—unless our family was willing to indulge...

Clue Q&As: Charlie Molitor

Clue Q&As: Charlie Molitor

November 9, 2022

Grade: 10 Role: Unexpected Cop Why do you enjoy being in the play? "I think it gives me a good opportunity to express my acting ability, and I get to hang out with my friends all the time. I...

Clue Q&As: Katelynn Heilman

Clue Q&As: Katelynn Heilman

November 9, 2022

Grade: 12 Role: Miss Scarlet Why do you enjoy being in the play? "I enjoy being in the play because all the people in it are so amazing to be around, and they make me so happy every time I see...

Clue Q&As: Keegan Redmond

Clue Q&As: Keegan Redmond

November 9, 2022

Grade: 10 Role: Wadsworth the British Butler Why do you enjoy being in the play? "There's a really good sense of community and it's a lot of fun. It's a place you can be yourself in and it's...

Every day, I add more to the epic I will one day recount to those who wish to hear it.

A tribute to the gilded expeditions that will paint my future stories gold

November 8, 2022

There will one day come a time when all I will have is my stories. It will be after I have paid my dues and served my purpose; a time when all I can give to the world is memories from my past. I...

Tara Brace has enjoyed her time being drum major, as she has been able to make new friends within the band.

Tara Brace thanks people from her past for defining her present in high school

November 7, 2022

Senior Tara Brace was about to go onstage to perform for Odyssey of the Mind World Finals when she got the news that would forever alter the course of her time in high school. She had reached the goal...

One of the movie posters for My Policeman, which hit theaters Oct. 21 and will be available on Amazon Prime Video on Nov. 4.

My Policeman is a heart-wrenching film with a beautiful storyline

November 1, 2022

During the years of 1957 and 1958 in Brighton, East Sussex, a beautiful, yet forbidden love story touched the hearts of many viewers. Those viewers included myself and alumna Jessie Warren, who I always...

The cover photo to Taylor Swifts Midnights, her tenth studio album.

Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album simply adds to my idolization for the artist

October 25, 2022

For my ninth birthday, I got to see Taylor Swift in concert for her 1989 tour in Chicago. It was the first real concert that I ever went to. We were about ten rows from the very top of the stadium,...

Whether students and teachers get eight hours or three hours of sleep, they know that rest is paramount

Whether students and teachers get eight hours or three hours of sleep, they know that rest is paramount

October 23, 2022

Every day, junior Jonas VanderWoude goes to bed at around 8:45 p.m. so he can wake up at 4:45 a.m. He devotes himself to this daily regime before school so that he can work out for basketball, as he...

The eight-hour necessity Q&As: Chad Scholten

The eight-hour necessity Q&As: Chad Scholten

October 20, 2022

Name: Chad Scholten When do you normally go to bed and wake up? "I personally try to get about eight hours of sleep. I find that that's when I work best. In the school year, I will try to get up...

The eight-hour necessity Q&As: Alex DAlexander

The eight-hour necessity Q&As: Alex D’Alexander

October 20, 2022

Name: Alex D'Alexander Grade: 9 When do you normally go to bed and wake up? "[Around] 11:30 p.m. and I wake up pretty early. I wake up at like 5:30 a.m." Would you say that you have a consistent...

The eight-hour necessity Q&As: Grace Berlin

The eight-hour necessity Q&As: Grace Berlin

October 20, 2022

Name: Grace Berlin Grade: 10 When do you normally go to bed and wake up? "I wake up super late in the day, super late compared to most people. I usually wake up at like 6:45 a.m. I get ready...

Busy schedules disrupt students sleep cycles, which leads to unhealthy habits

Busy schedules disrupt students’ sleep cycles, which leads to unhealthy habits

October 19, 2022

Every day, after attending school from 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., high school students across the nation enter their packed lives outside of the classroom. They meet at their clubs, they join their teammates...

This is the time of night when the fatigue truly settles in, when all I want is to lay my head on my pillow and sleep.

A plea to the rest I cannot seem to grasp

October 18, 2022

I know it’s getting worse when I wake up in a daze. When my lights are still on and my computer is still open; when my music is still playing and I have papers still scattered around my bedroom floor;...

This is the moment within the flooded streets. The moment before I reach the world I have created where my mind is still a blur.

Running toward the world within the flooded streets

October 18, 2022

She stands there, motionless, peering into the dark abyss beyond the streetlights. Barefoot, she stands in the flooded streets. The water is cool, and the hem of her red, plaid, pajama pants were carelessly...

Investigative series: Sofia Hargis-Acevedo - The eight-hour necessity

Investigative series: Sofia Hargis-Acevedo – The eight-hour necessity

October 17, 2022

In high school, the most basic, yet dire, necessity is sleep. It is also what many high schoolers are deprived of the most. I can admit that I am a part of the fraction of sleepless students. Sleep, though...

Homecoming Court Q&As: Kyle Friar

Homecoming Court Q&As: Kyle Friar

October 13, 2022

What was your reaction when you heard your name called? "I was very surprised. I had a couple people come up to me and tell me that they voted for me." Why do you think you were nominated? "I...

The poster for the third season of The Umbrella Academy.

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy exceeded my expectations of entertainment

October 12, 2022

A few years ago, I wrote down a list in my Notes app of all the shows I would, someday, like to watch. On that list was the Netflix original The Umbrella Academy. I don’t remember what exactly prompted...

Homecoming Court Q&As: Katya Berjawi

Homecoming Court Q&As: Katya Berjawi

October 12, 2022

What was your reaction when you heard your name called? "I was definitely surprised, but it was a good surprise. I was really excited." Why do you think you were nominated? "I'm a very chatty...

2022 Homecoming Court Announcement

2022 Homecoming Court Announcement

October 7, 2022

Girls: Allie Beaumont Emma Costello Katya Berjawi Lucy Mclean Paris Gooch Boys: Crandall Quinn Gavin Cai Ian Mahoney Kyle Friar Travis Bolt

Pictures of sophomore Keegan Redmond during FHCs 2022 spring musical, Cinderella.

Keegan Redmond has found his home on the stage and under the spotlight

October 7, 2022

Last year, the choreographer for FHC’s Cinderella musical told sophomore Keegan Redmond that he at least had “great effort” while rehearsing a ballroom dance. Keegan admits that he is not the...

A picture that my neighbor took, which is the epitome of what my perfect fall entails.

The gratitude monologues – sweater weather

October 5, 2022

September 22nd was the first day of fall. Coincidentally, it was the first day of the year when the air felt noticeably cooler, and there was an extra nip in the morning. That night, I slept with...

Emma Chamberlains main living room in her new home.

Emma Chamberlain’s new home sets the standard for all new architecture

October 4, 2022

The first time I ever watched an Emma Chamberlain YouTube video was in my neighbor’s bedroom inside her massive blanket fort.  We watched her drive around in her car and drink coffee while she showed...

This is the famous Revenge Dress That Princess Diana wore to the Serpentine Gallery dinner in 1994.

A closer look into Princess Diana’s notable defiance to royal fashion

September 27, 2022

Recently, along with the disheartening news following H.M. Queen Elizabeth’s death, articles and posts popped up on my social media remembering the impact of Princess Diana of Wales on the world. Her...

The freshman and sophomores facing off in tug-of-war at this years first Ranger Challenge.

Ranger Challenges are the perfect way for students to fully immerse themselves in FHC culture

September 25, 2022

To AP World History teacher Brad Anderson, comradery within the classes is one of the most integral aspects of the ideal high school experience. FHC has been continuing a unique tradition since 2004,...

The movie poster for Elvis, starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks.

Elvis was an infatuating depiction of the life of the King of Rock

September 20, 2022

I was never one to avidly listen to Elvis Presley. Of course, much like the rest of the world, I was fond of the King of Rock, but I was no superfan. I knew some of his more popular songs such as “Jailhouse...

This was in Isabela, Puerto Rico, where we stayed for part of our trip this summer.

I find solace in her wind, her water, her rain, her waves

September 13, 2022

In the fourteen years since we last embraced, I forgot what she truly looked like, how she smelled, what she sounded like, and one last important aspect: how much I love her. At age two, I could...

This is me the summer before first grade after finishing my first ever chapter book.

The gratitude monologues – just the beginning

September 7, 2022

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I’m writing this right now. I would fantasize over this moment just two years ago, back when I thought my dreams were unrealistic. I remember...

An image of the forest fires in California taking over the landscape.

The ugly truth about forest fires

September 6, 2022

On the West Coast of the US, states are being engulfed by the unforgivable, unremorseful flames of forest fires. Specifically in California, homes are being destroyed, many people have been either killed...

Allie and me on my favorite chair in November before our daily staff meeting began.

The blissful transition from following a beaten trail to shining light on a new one

June 2, 2022

They’ve danced wistfully through these past two years with one another, arms interlocked, feet hitting the concrete in unison. Together, the two young girls have embarked on a treacherous journey;...

This is the moment before the end credits roll. It is the final scene that beautifully flickers across the screen.

An extravagant ending to a film worthwhile

May 31, 2022

Things are ending now. The past nine months race through my mind like a film in fast motion. What started in vibrant colors faded to a dull black and white over time. We are reaching the credits scene,...

The cover picture for Harry Styles phenomenal third album, Harrys House.

Harry Styles’ third album is a whirlwind of emotions depicted in an awe-inspiring way

May 25, 2022

Eight hundred and eighty-nine days. That is how long it has been since Harry Styles released his sophomore album, Fine Line. Since then, he has gone on tour, released a nail polish line, and has headlined...

Steve Labenz, who just won the Ben Emdin Guiding Principles and Action Award award.

Steve Labenz was just presented the Ben Emdin Guiding Principles and Action Award

May 16, 2022

On May 12, 2022, US History and AP Seminar teacher Steve Labenz was presented the Bed Emdin Guiding Principles and Action Award. This is given to "individuals who have had a long-term commitment to Forest...

Sydney, Jessie, Meggie, Allie, and I all hugging one another, sobbing about the time that got away from us.

The ongoing, everlasting concept of time: part 2

May 13, 2022

The windows were down, the air was cool. Six of us were packed into Nat’s red minivan. As the two youngest in the group, Syd and I were stuck in the third row. As we flew down the highway, Olivia...

Prom Court Q&As: Sam Yeager

Prom Court Q&As: Sam Yeager

May 12, 2022

What was your reaction to getting on prom court? "I was surprised and happy that I got called up." What are your short-term future plans? "[I will be] attending GVSU studying supply chain management...

Prom Court Q&As: Abby Berlin

Prom Court Q&As: Abby Berlin

May 12, 2022

What was your reaction to getting on prom court? I was honestly very surprised when I heard my name. I wasn’t expecting it at all and the 'Abigail' through me off at first. What are your short-term...

2022 Prom Court Q&As

2022 Prom Court Q&As

May 12, 2022

The 2022 Prom Court has been announced! Check out these Q&As with these ten seniors so you can learn more about the contenders!

The cover to Jack Harlows newest album, Come Home The Kids Miss You.

Jack Harlow’s new album is perfect background music

May 10, 2022

Recently on TikTok, a snippet of Jack Harlow’s single “First Class” became extremely popular across the app. After hearing it multiple times as I scrolled through aimlessly, the chorus quickly became...

All of the Film Fest posters for this years event.

After a year’s worth of work, FX students are showcasing their films at the 2022 Film Fest

May 5, 2022

Senior Jack McNamara was put in one of the smallest groups for the 2022 FHC Film Festival on May 5th. This year, his group consists of two other people: seniors Ryan Fitzgerald and Ivan Wheland. While...

Jessie Warren, a talented writer on The Central Trend, posing for her senior pictures.

Jessie Warren has made her imprint on the world with her passion of telling stories

May 5, 2022

As a young girl, senior Jessie Warren would spend hours wandering the woods in her backyard, losing herself in the deepest corners of her brain. There, she would recount elaborate stories out loud for...

I took this on a hike with my friends not long before I turned sixteen; just as I was finally reaching the edge.

A new ballad begins as she finally jumps over the edge

May 3, 2022

Timidly, she walks, creeping closer and closer to the edge. She slowly puts one foot in front of the other. Her breathing is quick. Her heart is pounding. Her entire body is trembling. All she has to...

This was taken the day that this poem was based on. It was the first time in a while that I had felt so good, and I didnt want the feeling to slip away.

Breathe in, don’t breathe out

May 2, 2022

Breathe in the faint aroma of a light rain shower and musk from the trees that have had snow resting on their branches for too long and the car air freshener that leaves lilacs  lingering...

Top left: cover art for Free, by Florence + The Machine. Top right: cover art for Thousand Miles, by The Kid LAROI. Bottom left: cover art for Where you are (feat. WILLOW), by PinkPantheress. Bottom right: cover art for Plan B, by Megan Thee Stallion.

After opening my eyes to new music on Spotify, I found music I enjoyed, along with songs I’ll never listen to again

April 26, 2022

Every week, Spotify updates its playlist, titled “New Music Friday.” They take the top 100 newly released songs of that week and add them to the playlist, making them easily accessible to listeners...

This was taken in the National Museum of Art in Washington D.C.

An ode to people watching

April 19, 2022

This is an ode to people watching. It is the art of observation; the art of soaking up your surroundings. It takes much practice to take in every minute detail. This is mostly because the term “people...

The cover for Weezers new EP, SZNZ: Spring.

Though it did not live up to their older music, Weezer’s EP was still enjoyable, nonetheless

March 29, 2022

My knowledge of the band Weezer doesn’t go far beyond two of their more popular songs, “Buddy Holly” and “Island in the Sun.” Other than the well-known facts that the group has been together...

The mural outside of Yesterdog; one of the little pieces of Eastown that makes it so wonderful.

From fresh greenery to good reads, Eastown is a wonderful community with shops that nobody would want to miss out on

March 24, 2022

On the corner of Robinson Road in Eastown, the oldest comic book shop in Michigan resides under the ownership of Roger Haight. Argos Comics & Used Book Shop first opened in 1975, and its walls are...

Some of the recent little moments in time that I have felt truly present and happy in, and I simply have to thank her.

She stayed silent to preserve the sanctity of her story

March 22, 2022

She is forgotten about often. No one seems to mention her, acknowledge her, care for her. She still cares for them, nevertheless. She keeps them safe from harm and keeps them warm from the harsh...

One of the movie posters for The Batman, which was released on March 4, 2022.

The Batman was a plethora of action scenes and plot twists woven into a cinematic masterpiece

March 15, 2022

I can proudly admit to the fact that I have been a raging Twilight fan since eighth grade. It took me a while to fall under the spell that entranced so many girls before me, but I have read the book...

Josie McGuire posing for her senior pictures.

Josie McGuire closes one chapter of her life to begin a new one

March 14, 2022

This past summer, senior Josie McGuire was barely awake as she practiced until one in the morning at cheer camp. In early August, the FHC Varsity Cheer Team traveled to Alma College and was being judged...

The view of the royal blue night sky from a street close to my house.

So, I keep walking towards the seemingly unreachable light

March 8, 2022

For far too long, I have been left alone in the dark. I have made a home in the cavern with too much space for just one girl, with the only light too far off into the distance. It is a small light,...

The cover art for Beach Houses newest album.

Once Twice Melody was a beautiful album that encompassed the definition of “ethereal”

March 1, 2022

My friends have impeccable music taste. I like to say I do as well, but I always get compliments on the songs that I get from those friends.  This is the case yet again after my dear friend chastised...

The dresses and suits that these students will be fashionably sporting at this years Winterfest.

From dresses to shoes to jewelry, dive into this year’s Winterfest look book with a sneak peek to what students are wearing

February 24, 2022

Out of all things, sophomore Sam Wordhouse is most excited to “bust it down on the dance floor” while wearing his spectacular suit this Winterfest. Since the sophomore class has yet to experience...

The captivating view from my oval-shaped window.

A new perspective was born from the bleeding skies above and the busy streets below

February 22, 2022

I've never been 33,000 feet in the air surrounded by a dome of deep, navy blue bleeding into soft hues of fuschia and blood orange. I've never looked down to see thousands of buildings sitting so cozily...

The cover to Ghostly Kisses new album.

Heaven, Wait was mediocre, with no exciting buildup to keep me engaged

February 15, 2022

All of my favorite songs have a build-up to the most extravagant point of the track. Whether it is a gradual crescendo or a sudden outburst, it makes the song that much more interesting, engaging, and...

Here is the entire Dance Team at a football game from earlier this year.

[Photo] The FHC Varsity Dance Team is waltzing their way towards Nationals

February 10, 2022

Here is the entire Dance Team at a football game from earlier this year.

Tate Greer leaps toward the future with a comedic mindset

Tate Greer leaps toward the future with a comedic mindset

February 10, 2022

There is always one special thing that secures the life-long bond between father and son. For senior Tate Greer, that thing is comedy. A few years back, Tate’s dad started to show him videos of comedians....

This was taken at one of the restaurants I always used to go to when I was a kid, especially when I lived in the house with the azure shudders.

She is deciphering life from the inside out

February 8, 2022

Colors painted in spontaneous navy swirls remind her of her old home on Dean Street. The cream horizontal paneling with azure shutters and front porch will forever be a picture ingrained into her mind....

The poster for the show How I Met Your Father on Hulu.

How I Met Your Father was a terrible spinoff that will never live up to the original

February 1, 2022

Comedy TV is where I live and breathe. It is how I relax, how I calm down, and how I fall asleep. I have a select few series that I watch time and time again—one of them being How I Met Your Mother. The...

A picture of Penningas new iPad Mini using the Socratic Method software.

Teachers provide new opportunities for students by applying for grants

January 27, 2022

As an AP Lang and AP Lit teacher, Lisa Penninga likes to have Socratic Seminar sessions with her students to discuss as a class.  In using the Socratic method, Penninga has her students ask and answer...

A few of the many photos I have of my dog Blue.

But you, my friend, will always be here

January 25, 2022

As the sky transforms from hues of fuschia, auburn, and tuscany yellow to a vibrant baby blue, and the sun gradually rises from the horizon line, my day progresses from a luminant gold to a cloud of crimson...

One of the movie posters for Dont Look Up.

Don’t Look Up is a brilliant movie that sheds light on the current climate of our society

January 18, 2022

I have never had a very strong penchant for movies. For me, TV shows have always been my go-tos. However, with not much to do this holiday break, I found myself watching a wide variety of movies that ranged...

The view of my neighborhood from my driveway one night during the most recent snow storm.

His name is January, and he is showered with blissful ignorance

January 11, 2022

His name is January. He is beautiful. His thick tufts of white hair blanket his head and tickle his ears. His wardrobe consists of knit sweaters ranging from light tan to deep teal, warm pants with...

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