What’s on my Christmas list 2022


Etsy, Lululemon, Uggs

Some of the stuff on my Christmas Wishlist, minus the Tommy’s Express Car Wash membership.

December is only a mere few days away. With this, the holiday season is drawing near. Black Friday came and went, just like Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. An abundance of sales has prompted thousands to indulge in a majority of their Christmas shopping.

And with Christmas shopping, there is always the burning question of what people have on their lists.

I have asked around recently, and some people have told me that they have yet to start their lists while others, proudly, say their lists have been made since October. I fall in with the October crowd.

My mom likes to begin her Christmas shopping early to avoid a splurge all at once, and to avoid things being sold out. And for me, I love to make my Christmas list, since online shopping is a favorite, yet simple, pastime for me.

For the people who have yet to start their wish lists and need a nudge to do so or a few ideas to get them started, I will share some of the top items on my own list.

I am in need of a pair of comfy footwear to wear with my comfy school clothes, and these slippers would be a perfect addition to my closet.

Now, I know this is a common item on people’s lists this year, but in my mind, this is a must-have: UGGs slippers. While there are many styles of UGGs slippers, the ones I am pining for are the Tasman-style slippers. I have seen some of my friends with them recently, and they look extremely comfortable. These slippers are perfect to wear out since they have an actual sole. They cover the whole foot and go right below the ankle, with the entire inside of the slipper lined with fleece. I am in need of a pair of comfy footwear to wear with my comfy school clothes, and these slippers would be a perfect addition to my closet.

As a dancer, I am constantly cycling through the same athletic wear every week. Along with that, all of my leggings and most of my tops are black, so my outfits are always the same, boring look. This Christmas, my wish list consists of bright colors to entertain my dull wardrobe. Lululemon is my brand of choice, and since it is quite pricey, it is not a store I regularly shop at. So, I essentially stock up on new athletic wear during the holiday season and, on occasion, my birthday. This year, my top items are the Wunder Train High-Rise Leggings in Charred Indigo, the Hotty Hot High-Rise Lined Shorts in Sonic Pink, and the Align Cropped Tank Top in Bronze Green.

One of my favorite articles of clothing that I could never have enough of is crewneck sweatshirts. They are extremely versatile and comfortable. They can be styled with leggings, flare pants, or jeans, and they would never fail to perfect the look. While I do have a couple crewnecks already, they have some sort of simple logo of a brand or college. This year, I made my way over to Etsy, where I found plenty of what I am looking for. Since I am going through this weird national parks phase, I put on my list a crewneck with Yosemite National Park embroidered on it. Along with that, I also added a couple of crewnecks with some of my favorite childhood characters: Winnie the Pooh and Frog and Toad.

Obviously, it goes without saying that I don’t expect every item on my wish list to show up underneath my tree, this Christmas; that would be absurd. These are simply some of my favorite items on my list, and things that give my mom an idea of what to get. Hopefully, this also helps those who are stuck in their list-making get a head start before sales get tight.

*Honorable mentions: blue jumper with daisies from Cider, The New Yorker tote bag, Tommy’s Express Car Wash membership.*