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This is what to do—and not to do—for school dance makeup

Lily Bouma
Me, Meghan Bonney, and Berkleigh Blackport on our way to the dance.

After my three years of going to school dances, I have come upon many different tips and tricks for makeup. For this most recent prom, I compiled all of these techniques in order to make my face the best it could’ve been.

One of the most important parts of makeup, especially when it comes to the longevity of the wear, is moisturizer. Making sure your base is prepped before applying anything to it ensures both a good look and feel of the face as a whole. 

Another base technique is definitely primer. Having something good for your skin to fill the pores instead of things like foundation makes sure that you won’t have major breakouts, and I can fully attest to that statement. I like to go in with a gripping primer so that what feels like pounds of makeup that I apply to my face don’t move around or just simply come off. 

I’ve seen plenty of people at school dances who have an extremely cakey face, and that just doesn’t look good to me. I haven’t found a perfect way to combat that look, but wearing a lighter-weight foundation can work wonders for the face. For this dance, I used the About Face foundation and it worked pretty well for my first time ever applying. This is definitely a foundation to go for if you want that coverage of a thick foundation while being lightweight and comfortable for the skin.

Another product that needs to be both covering and comfortable is concealer. My tried and true product is the Kosas Revealer Concealer; I have used it for everything from everyday wear to high school dances since it is such a beautiful product. With concealer, you want to make sure that you aren’t applying too much because that’s when it can start to look cakey. One or two dots is enough to cover any undereye bags that might occur.

Eyeliner wings are sisters, not twins, after all.

For both blush and bronzer, I like to layer it. I tend to use a liquid formula for each one before setting my face, another very important step for longevity, and then go in with a powder for each. It is crucial that not too much is applied each time or else it will just look crazy. Adding a small amount each time makes sure that the face has color and dimension.

For eyeshadow, there isn’t much you can do to make it “perfect;” you just need to make sure it looks good with the rest of the face. Whether it be just a small amount of glitter and color or a look of full glam, anything goes as long as it looks good with the dress. 

Another not-so-important step is eyeliner; you either do it or you don’t. If eyeliner is chosen to be done, it is crucial to make them as even as possible, it doesn’t need to be perfect. Eyeliner wings are sisters, not twins, after all. 

Yet another step that could be a hit or miss is eyelashes. Some people prefer just mascara, while others go full out and apply eyelashes. This time around, I decided to wear a pair of smaller lashes to accentuate my eyes, but it definitely was not needed. 

Probably the most important thing other than prep and prime is setting. If the makeup isn’t set in place, it will all just wipe off. There is an abundance of setting sprays to choose from, but it could be detrimental if one isn’t chosen at all. So, I can not stress enough just how important it is to set the face.

Although dance season is completed, I’m sure that people in the future could use these tips that I have procured over the years in order to love how they look while enjoying their night.

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Lily Bouma
Lily Bouma, Staff Writer
Lily Bouma is a senior entering her first year on The Central Trend. Since she was young, Lily has held an intense fascination with two things: music and words. She has spent her life singing and listening to music, and writing has always come easy. When she isn't writing, singing, or working, you can find Lily spending time with her friends and family. Lily goes about her life with a sense of compassion and love. She loves anything that has to do with nature, especially flowers. She enjoys making other people smile, whether it be with her jokes or cracking out her horrible Eric Cartman impression. She is thrilled to spend the last of her high school career on The Central Trend and cannot wait to see what this school has in store for her. Favorite movie: Tangled Car: 2003 Ford Focus named Nancy Favorite song: Mirrorball by Taylor Swift Favorite Flower: Lily of the Valley (Ironic)

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