Step into this summer with new sandals



These are my two favorite patterns of Chaco sandals currently.

A few years ago, I was obsessed with Chaco and Teva sandals. At this time, I was going to overnight camps over my summer break. I never knew what shoes I was supposed to bring when the packing list, year after year, said “sandals with heel strap.” But at camp, my counselors and cabinmates wore Chacos or Tevas. I got home and begged my mom for some. She ended up having a pair of her own that she didn’t like. I was so excited to wear them. But in the summers since, I see these sandals on other people less and less.

The practicality of these sandals makes them the perfect summer sandals. So here are some of my favorites, to encourage their return to fashion.

Ditch your traditional summer sandals and join my back-strap sandal revolution.

The Chaco sandals I wear are the ZX/2 style but with three strands for the straps rather than two. This style change shows just how long I’ve had them, and they continue to stay strong and not break. Now this style has a toe strap, which isn’t my favorite thing in the world. If I choose to buy a new pair, I’ll definitely be leaning for the Z/1 style, without a toe strap. This style also has a one-strand strap. This feature makes the shoes easier to put on quickly since there are fewer strings to navigate. Color and pattern-wise, the Teal Avocado and Sushi Magenta are my favorites. 

While the original colors and patterns of Chaco sandals are nice, Chaco offers a customization feature. The customized version cost $30 more than the originals, but they offer many more patterns and colors that are unavailable otherwise.

Switching to the Teva side, you can get the Original Universal style for almost half the price of Chacos. However, the soles are more foam-like, which I believe to be less durable. My favorite patterns in this style would have to be Gecko Mood Indigo and Metallic Pink Multi. While Teva does offer other sandals with thicker soles, I find them to look much less appealing. Practical, yes; cute, not as much. 

While Tevas are a more affordable option than Chacos, I still stand by the Chaco brand. The buckle to tighten Chaco sandals is much more convenient to me than the velcro for Teva. I always find that with velcro straps I get bothered that it either can’t tighten enough, or there is velcro showing. 

In summary, ditch your traditional summer sandals and join my back-strap sandal revolution.