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Etsy offers the best custom college gear

These are some of my favorite custom finds for colleges on Etsy.
NGcollegedesigns/SouthernBelleBtqShop/SwineLife/RayleyArt on Etsy
These are some of my favorite custom finds for colleges on Etsy.

All I can think about is college gear: hoodies, t-shirts, pennants, keyboard stickers, and confetti.

As I have finally made a decision on college, these thoughts have infiltrated my brain even more. However, the official college gear websites disappoint me time and time again. The merchandise looks old and outdated while being insanely overpriced. So, in addition to looking for vintage clothing, I have turned to the small businesses on Etsy.


Custom college crewnecks and hoodies run rampant on Etsy’s website. And a lot of the designs can be found from multiple sellers. While I hate that there is little originality that leads to what seems like thousands of results being divided into three design options, it does allow for different price points and color options. That being said, the first custom hoodie I found is one that I have seen no duplicates of.

This hoodie from the shop NGcollegedesigns features two letters in cut-out college fabric. I like the simplicity of the design, while still being obvious college merch. There are eight color options and five sizes that can be customized for any school, however, there are separate listings with different prices for schools that are abbreviated to one or three letters as well. Those can be found on the shop’s page.

The official college gear websites disappoint me time and time again

This crewneck features one of the most prominent designs I see for Etsy’s custom college gear. The floral embroidery lettering for the college name abbreviation with the full name below it is extremely common throughout many shops. However, I like that the one from SouthernBelleBtqShop is fairly inexpensive, has many sweatshirt and embroidery colors, can include the mascot, and isn’t just for colleges. This crewneck, though featured by many shops, is still unique and not overdone like simpler ones are.

Keyboard Sticker

A keyboard sticker is such a unique way to add a touch of school spirit to any computer. This college merchandise item is more limited on which schools it is available for, considering schools with letter logos are best for this. The sticker, from the shop SwineLife, is designed to stick over the coinciding letter on a computer keyboard. For instance, I plan on buying an Indiana University one to go on my “i” key. The Etsy shop has 38 different options. Though it is limited to certain schools, these are perfect for any student going to a featured school.

Wall Prints

Though not my style, these “preppy” wall prints are very popular right now. The Etsy shop RayleyArt offers custom sets of six digital prints for any college. Though some colleges have separate options from other shops, I like that RayleyArt sends drafts of their prints so that the buyer can approve them. With custom designs, especially for smaller colleges, it can be hard to not know what may be received. This seller eliminates that worry, and I appreciate that.

Gameday Items

There are so many college merchandise items on Etsy that there is no way I could fit them all. Though I am not highlighting specific items for this section, I wanted to point out how many options Etsy has that would be perfect for college gamedays. There are custom tank tops, bikini tops, rompers, skirts, shorts, pants, matching sets, and t-shirts. I know that I will definitely be stocking up for some gamedays, especially because there are so many different options. I found most items by searching “custom college merch,” but “custom college gameday” also works. Including a college name instead of “custom” can also provide additional options.

College merchandise is not just limited to the official sites for the school, and Etsy offers some of the best alternatives, especially because it means supporting a small business.

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