Alex Chen loves to travel to new places and try different cuisine


Alex Chen

A picture of young Alex Chen and his sister at the beach.

The world’s finest cuisines are always described to be located in five-star restaurants with decadent presentations, wowing those who eat it. However, for junior Alex Chen, one of the best foods he has eaten was found at a food truck in Denver, Colorado.

Alex went on this trip around five years ago. The fact that he can still describe this meal in detail simply shows how incredibly delectable it truly was.

“The lobster was sweet,” Alex said, “the bread was toasted and buttery and crunchy, and the mayonnaise on top of it was [delicious].”

Alex travels with his family two to three times a year. He absolutely loves the thrill of experiencing new places for the first time. 

The most recent place that Alex has traveled to was Washington D.C. over the summer. There, he got to see the Lincoln Memorial, and, like any aspiring traveler, he watched Wimbledon. He also dined at a Cuban restaurant while he was there, where they served an appetizing meal of lobster, shrimp, clams, and vegetables on saffron rice.

The lobster was sweet, the bread was toasted and buttery and crunchy, and the mayonnaise on top of it was [delicious].

— Alex Chen

With that being his most recent trip, the one that goes in Alex’s book as his favorite destination so far is Las Vegas, Nevada. He and his family stayed at the Bellagio Hotel, where there was an incredible show included every night right in front of the building.

“There’s the water and light show [at the] Bellagio,” Alex said. “The lights and water are synchronized to music and watching it at night looks really cool.”

While he was in Las Vegas, Alex indulged in a buffet at one of the casinos his family visited. Though the name of the casino is not ringing a bell, what he does remember is how delicious their food was.

Most of the time, Alex has had positive experiences at all the restaurants he has visited throughout his travels. However, every once in a while he happens upon a restaurant that simply does not meet his standards. Since he is used to such memorable meals, the ones that fall short are remembered as well, just not for a good reason. One of the worst that Alex remembers was in San Antonio, Texas.

“We walked a long way to [the] restaurant,” Alex said, “and it was supposed to be very good. [But instead] it was a burger with blue cheese and it was just very salty with a small side of fries.”

When Alex and his family travel, they normally take on the classic road trip, with the occasional plane ride every so often. Spending hours at a time in the car, road trips tend to become monotonous with not much to do. To keep busy, Alex sometimes plays cards with his sister. 

Even still, road trips can have their moments of excitement that help the long hours move a little faster. While this certain situation was at Alex’s expense, it definitely added a bit of entertainment to their car ride.

“We got KFC to go, and my sister wanted the coleslaw,” Alex said. “There was not a lot left, so I wanted to eat all of it. When I gave it to her, she slapped it out of my hand and spilled it on the car, and I was very angry.”

Throughout these trips, Alex has been able to experience a plethora of new places around the country, along with trying all sorts of new cuisine. He one day wants to broaden his horizon overseas.

While traveling the country has given Alex memories to last him a lifetime, there are corners of the world that he would love to travel to. More specifically, he is hoping to one day visit Greece. The rich history and beautiful landscapes of the country are experiences that can never be replicated, and, of course, Greek food is supposed to be sapid.

“When you go [to Greece], it’s not a very modern place,” Alex said. “I feel like the houses are still very traditional and it’s a pretty [country].”