Prom Court Q&As 2023: Athan Hillman

What was your reaction to the court announcement?

“I was really surprised, and I wasn’t expecting it.”

How do you feel about being on court?

“I am excited [and a little nervous] to be on court, and I look forward to going to prom!”

What’s a goal you want to accomplish after senior year? 

“After senior year, I really just want to have an amazing summer, and hopefully a smooth transition into college as well.”

Do you have any special plans for prom night you’re excited for? 

“Prom is actually on my birthday, so I’m looking forward to celebrating with prom!”

What’s your favorite comfort food?  

“My favorite comfort food would definitely have to be mac and cheese or crab rangoons.”

How likely are you to succeed in a zombie apocalypse? 

“To be completely honest, I would definitely be the first to die.”

What’s your favorite senior year memory?

“My favorite memory from senior year would probably be doing the musical. There are so many amazing people in theatre that I am going to miss so much!”

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