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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

Eva LaBeau

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor

Eva LaBeau is a senior entering her second year on The Central Trend. She takes on everything she does with great passion, specifically when relating to her hobbies and academics. Whenever she can, she writes or draws whatever is on her mind. Raised by an artist and an avid music fanatic, Eva listens to music and loves to create art of all forms every chance she gets. Realistically, anybody could likely say that her 340-hour (and still growing) primary playlist is one of the most convoluted out there. Aside from her art, Eva spends as much time as she can with her family and friends, and she never hesitates to let them know just how much she appreciates them. Being a part of the community housed in Room 139 will forever be an unmatched feeling to her, and she'll forever love the beautiful people she has met and continues to meet along her journey thus far. Hopefully, her senior year at FHC will be the best one yet, and she wouldn't want to take it on with any other people.

Favorite color: sage green or warm tan

Favorite mascara combo: L'Oreal Telescopic Lift in Blackest Black and Morphe Make It Big in Bold Black

Car: 2012 Ford Escape named Harvey

(Very) irrational fears: velvet, people taller than 6'7", 2-door cars, and bodybuilders, among others.

All content by Eva LaBeau
Sean P Diddy Combs maintains controversial space in his media presence.

The comprehensive timeline of P Diddy’s controversies is exhaustive, to say the least

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor April 10, 2024

Anybody who knows me knows my appreciation for music of all types—my main playlist just hit 3,000 songs, so I’m not unfamiliar with nearly any type of music. One person I never really got into,...

This is the Glam Bag from this months order, and I couldnt be more pleased.

This month’s IPSY Glam Bag was exemplary of a perfect purchase

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor March 20, 2024

As I’ve written before, I love my IPSY subscription with my whole heart. Here’s a recap for those who don’t know: every month, I get a package with five mini-sized products for $14—along with...

Her favorite thing is pointless drives with her favorite people.

The end of the beginning: it’s not always the romantic love

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor March 13, 2024

She loves love with her whole heart.  She always has, and she always will.  But the most misunderstood part of her enamor for ardor, above all else, is the fact that it’s not merely based around...

Kadence Roelfzema (left) and Bella Preston (right) are going to be roommates.

FHC’s seniors have begun the enthusiastic and stressful search for college roommates

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor March 1, 2024

The class of 2024 is approaching the end of their high school career. In this case, with change comes one of the more enjoyable aspects of college preparations: the roommate search. Albeit different...

Cassiopeia and Andromeda reside together, holding close regardless of their past.

The end of the beginning: her soul is tied to the stars

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor February 28, 2024

She has always loved the stars.  With such a magnitude and an ineffable overtone of enamor, she loves them in a way that she has never loved anything else before.  She’s never been into astrology;...

The poster for the film displays a scene of the strenuous practices the crew team endured.

The Boys in the Boat was a perfect embodiment of the brotherhood and camaraderie in the 1936 University of Washington rowing team

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor February 21, 2024

My sister was arguably one of the best rowers in FHC’s crew history. The 2017 varsity team was incredible, and I’d say that a big part of that was thanks to her.  However, what I’d never known...

The poster for The Court Jester is one that certainly draws attention, and it captures the essence of Simmons as an entertainer.

“The Court Jester” brings light to the purity that Richard Simmons strives to deliver to the world

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor February 18, 2024

As a child, I was a gymnast and therefore quite active; before that, I would get my activity in by watching dance workout tapes with my mom.  We would convert the living room into a mini studio, pushing...

Oh, how I love being a woman; that will never change.

The end of the beginning: oh, how she loves being a woman

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor February 14, 2024

Oh, how she loves being a woman. Each day has its own halcyon routine—albeit quite disorderly in nature—somehow simultaneously brand new yet consistently following the same order as the day before. She...

Jacob Scott has found comfort in the most unexpected of places: the stage.

Jacob Scott has found his presence both on and off of the stage

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor February 7, 2024

One of junior Jacob Scott’s most recent endeavors involved the tragic passing of a beloved mouse and its subsequent funeral. The mouse was under his car, and, after managing to coax it out, events...

A compilation of some of my favorite highlights from the slideshows Ive seen recently.

My TikTok’s “For You Page” is full of slideshows, and I’m not complaining

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor February 7, 2024

Admittedly, I am a frequent TikTok user. Like many other aspects of my life, I don’t participate in the trends and fads that seem to take the internet by storm, but I have spent an embarrassing amount...

I know its for the better, and Im working on believing that.

The end of the beginning: know it’s for the better

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor January 31, 2024

She doesn’t quite understand it; it makes no sense to her how there are such prominent patterns in such an undeniably ever-changing life. She watches the same people unknowingly pass her by; maybe...

The main cast poses for a photo at one of the rehearsals for the musical.

This year’s musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, will feature the talent of FHC’s theater department

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor January 29, 2024

During this year’s production of The Curious Savage, junior Keegan Redmond performed a headstand during the final two showings of the play, but not without extensive consideration beforehand.  While...

IPSYs logo and packaging is so colorful and bright that its hard not to appreciate.

IPSY curates sustainable, long-lasting, and high-quality products for any skin type

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor January 19, 2024

I love a good deal, especially when it comes to skincare or makeup products that would otherwise cost a fortune. I am not made of money, but I always have the obnoxious, feminine urge to try any nice-looking...

The waterfalls in the mountains of Ontario have the same ornate beauty as some of those in my life.

The end of the beginning: pretty like the sun

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor January 18, 2024

She has never been one to do particularly well with compliments.  She loves the fact that people can be so kind as to express such a beautiful opinion about her, and, of course, she is beyond grateful...

My sister and I (top) recreates a photo in the same chairs as the original matriarchs of the family, my grandma and my great-great-aunt (bottom).

The end of the beginning: a bittersweet holiday

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor January 11, 2024

For years, Christmas in the girl’s family had been the same.  Generations upon generations of each strand of such a convoluted and Polish family somehow managed to congregate once a year in the home...

She enjoys herself while she can, and that makes it worth the stress.

The end of the beginning: just a few more hours

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor December 12, 2023

There comes a time when it gets to be too much for her.  The mornings are too long, the nights aren’t long enough, but the day just drags on. She’s not unhappy with her life—quite the opposite....

The New York Times games are bringing FHC students a way to destress during school.

The New York Times games provide FHC students with an educational outlet

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor December 11, 2023

When Wordle became the most popular game to play during school and workdays, senior Kendall Gleason gave in to the pressure and began her fascination with the New York (NY) Times games.  The New York...

Dixie DAmelio, immediately following her drastic haircut change, posted her own video to the hair holds memories topic.

TikTok’s “hair holds memories” movement represents anybody and everybody

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor December 5, 2023

As a 17-year-old girl on TikTok, I see my fair share of different trends and other types of videos about all sorts of concepts. There’s a trend going around about an attachment to one’s hair. Thousands...

She knows that the chaos will likely never subside, but shes becoming okay with that.

The end of the beginning: she lives amidst the chaos

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor November 28, 2023

She lives amidst the chaos, sometimes thriving and others not.  She maintains her demeanor, attempting to hold a constant in some realm of her life, but that is only achievable for so long.  Only...

TCTs The Countless Thanks 2023: Eva LaBeau

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2023: Eva LaBeau

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor November 22, 2023

I'd like to start off by saying that every person in my life has given me something to be grateful for. I have so much love for everybody I have the honor of being able to know, and that is something I...

The movie poster for What Happens Later showcases the only two characters of the film sitting on the airport bench.

What Happens Later was the perfect throwback to a classic Meg Ryan rom-com

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor November 17, 2023

Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, and You’ve Got Mail: they’re some of the 1990s’ most traditional staples of the rom-com genre. Even such titles as Top Gun and Anastasia, though not quite...

Evelyn Roessler uses the lessons shes learned from gymnastics to guide her through life.

From back handsprings to team bonding, Evelyn Roessler loves being a gymnast

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor November 14, 2023

When junior Evelyn Roessler got her back handspring on the high beam for the first time, she knew she would love what she was doing. At age seven, Evelyn began to realize that she wanted to be active...

Her every thought remains in the paper; its the feeling she feels for everybody she encounters, whether they deserve it or not.

The end of the beginning: the paper contains it all

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor November 7, 2023

Her every thought lies folded in a piece of paper.  She writes every bit of feeling onto the scrap, removing any suppression of these sentiments from her mind. Everything she feels so deeply about...

Heidi Klums Halloween looks never disappoint.

Heidi Klum held her annual Halloween party, and the lookbook is certainly entertaining

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor November 3, 2023

Since 2000, perhaps the most anticipated celebrity Halloween look every year has been that of Heidi Klum. Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party never fails to impress people around the globe, and it has...

Matthew Perry, the beloved Chandler Bing from Friends, has died.

The loss of Matthew Perry has gained attention, but it’s for the wrong reasons

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor October 31, 2023

While I was at my best friend’s house for a Halloween party, I got a text from my mom that altered my mood for the rest of the night: “Matt Perry died.” I immediately told my best friend, who...

She wears the jacket of her grandmother every time she misses her.

The end of the beginning: she wears the clothes of those she never got to meet

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor October 26, 2023

People don't quite understand the significance of the clothing she wears. Oftentimes, it is assumed by her peers that she simply likes oversized sweaters and flannels. She must simply enjoy the clothes...

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith maintain a tumultuous relationship with the media.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s current relationship with the media is anything but harmonious

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor October 26, 2023

I think it’s fair to say that nobody could forget the “slap heard around the world.”  At the 94th Annual Academy Awards in March 2022, Will Smith slapped award presenter Chris Rock across the...

Mackenzie Mayo has gained a new sense of self-confidence since finding her home on the basketball court.

Mackenzie Mayo discovered her ultimate confidence on the basketball court

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor October 17, 2023

Junior Mackenzie Mayo tried to be a gymnast for about two weeks before she realized she hated it.  Gymnastics was just one amongst the many other hobbies she’d tried and turned away from, but she...

My beautiful parents have never failed to make me--and nearly everybody who knows them--jealous.

The end of the beginning: you make me beyond proud to be your daughter

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor October 10, 2023

“If we do nothing else with this life we are given, we live with certain purpose if we love others and allow others’ love a place in us…” Dad, you wrote this on a piece of paper when I was young....

Homecoming Court Q&A’s 2023

Arpita Das, Publicity Editor October 8, 2023

 c1) What was your reaction when you found out you were nominated? 2) Why do you think you got nominated for court? 3) What’s your favorite breakfast food?  4) What are you most excited for...

The Powderpuff game this year took place during a full-school assembly.

Homecoming week focuses on the community and highlights traditions, new and old

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor October 6, 2023

It’s arguably the most essential building block of any coming-of-age high school movie: Homecoming. The lights, the music, and the rise of class spirit set the stage for a memorable school year for...

The 1950s had the perfect family dynamic plastered on every magazine.

The “good old days” were never truly that good

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor October 3, 2023

It’s not uncommon to hear somebody say, “I was born in the wrong generation, life used to be so much simpler.” Honestly, I’m guilty of saying it myself. I’ve frequently been told I’m an...

The little girl inside will forever be here, just hidden by the tangled memories.

The end of the beginning: her necklaces tangle like memories

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor September 26, 2023

Every day, she wakes up with the three necklaces around her neck tangled in a mess. And, every day, she is reminded of something.  Some past family event, some holiday, or some random moment of...

The album cover for Speak Now (Taylors Version) is simply a new rendition of the original.

“From The Vault” tracks made Taylor Swift’s Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) even better than I’d hoped

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor September 22, 2023

I am, one could say, a connoisseur of all things Taylor Swift.  Despite being the very epitome of a folklore and evermore girl to my core, I have always been a diehard Speak Now girl, too.  As...

Angelina Coulson is the newest member of the counseling office staff.

Angelina Coulson takes on FHC as the newest addition to the counseling office staff

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor September 19, 2023

Counselor Angelina Coulson has always had a passion for college and career readiness counseling.  Albeit a unique passion, she discovered this interest as a part of the Michigan College Access Network—or...

I continue to sit in the grass, even though I know what discomfort shall come.

The end of the beginning: an unappeasable attachment

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor September 12, 2023

My favorite smell is that of freshly mowed grass, but I am severely allergic to the very thing that the smell comes from. The smell I love more than anything has the potential to make my eyes swell...

At senior sunrise, there is no other group Id rather spend my time with.

Even with conflict around femininity, girl’s girls will always stick together

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor September 8, 2023

I am a girl’s girl.  By any and all means, I am a girl’s girl.  There has been intense controversy regarding the “over-feminization” of certain bits of life, especially following the release...

Scooter Braun has, yet again, found himself in the midst of another media frenzy.

Scooter Braun’s “Reputation” darkens as he enters the spotlight of major media controversy once again

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor September 5, 2023

As an avid Taylor Swift listener, enthusiast, and lover—pun very much intended—I don’t have the greatest feeling regarding Scooter Braun.  For context, Scott "Scooter" Braun is most notably known...

Im entering a new time in my life in which everything is set to change, and thats okay.

The end of the beginning: the thing about innocence

Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor August 29, 2023

The thing about innocence is that it’s only there for a moment before it mocks us for trying to regain what we’d had before everything changed.  The memories of childhood naivety and a hopeful...

Missing was a captivating film through a computers camera lens.

Missing was a jaw-dropping and enticing film that left me thoroughly disturbed–and satisfied

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer May 31, 2023

I vividly remember watching a film called Searching during quarantine. It was about a father whose daughter went missing, and the only clues for him to find her were those left on her computer. It was...

One of the most famously motivational classrooms at FHC remains to be history teacher Brad Andesons room.

With summer approaching, students and staff at FHC do their best to maintain motivation

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer May 24, 2023

History teacher Brad Anderson is known best at FHC for his wild class games, intense mock trials, inspirational speeches, and, possibly the most crucial tradition in his repertoire, his Monday Motivation.  As...

I am so grateful for the inevitably-changing aspects of my life.

Time is inevitable

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer May 23, 2023

I used to think that I wanted to be immortal.  In theory, I could do whatever I wanted and come out unscathed. I could go skydiving without a parachute, or I could get in a barrel and dive into Niagara...

One of the movie posters for Netflixs The Mother, starring Jennifer Lopez as the titular character.

The Mother was just mediocre enough to leave me majorly conflicted

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer May 15, 2023

Jennifer Lopez’s repertoire of iconic films is undoubtedly extensive, to say the least. I’ve always loved her works, from The Wedding Planner to Selena to my personal favorite, Jack, and most of the...

Will Shoham uses fishing, astrophotography, one-wheeling, and PC gaming, amongst other hobbies, to calm himself down.

Will Shoham manages to reel in joy through an abundance of different hobbies

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer May 10, 2023

Sophomore Will Shoham wants to go skydiving. It’s fast, it’s exhilarating, and he’s young, so now is just as opportune a time as any.  However, it’s not exactly practical, so he replaces that...

Thank you, Kylie, for being my best friend in the world.

Dear Kylie

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer May 9, 2023

Dear Kylie, I’m sorry for dropping a marble egg on your eyebrow, but to be fair, you were antagonizing me, and I wasn’t having it.  I’m sorry for biting your belly button as a toddler, though...

Prom Court Q&As 2023: Athan Hillman

Prom Court Q&As 2023: Athan Hillman

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer May 5, 2023

What was your reaction to the court announcement? "I was really surprised, and I wasn't expecting it." How do you feel about being on court? "I am excited [and a little nervous] to be on court, and...

Prom Court Q&As: Gabby Hendricks

Prom Court Q&As: Gabby Hendricks

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer May 5, 2023

What was your reaction to the court announcement? "I was really not expecting to be on court, but it was a nice surprise for me." How do you feel about being on court? "I am really happy to be on...

The art of letter writing is an entirely personal form of expression that should be utilized more in todays world.

Letter writing is possibly the most underrated form of self-reflection and improvement

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer April 25, 2023

In today’s day and age, people complain more than ever before. We are all guilty of it. Every single person in the world has complained more than they realize.  But now, it is becoming more common...

I took this on that night; I tend to appreciate these types of things more when Im emotional, strangely enough.

Slow dancing in the headlights

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer April 17, 2023

I cried at the D&W QuickStop at 9 p.m. I was taking you home, and I needed gas. I don’t know why, and I don’t know what prompted it, but I lost it and started crying while pulling out of the gas...

I do my best to remain consistently happy, but sometimes it just gets too much. And thats okay.

Like a mold, it grows

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer April 16, 2023

Like a mold, it grows. Like a disease, it spreads.  Like a wound, it festers.  I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to say. I don't know how to say it. It’s as if I sometimes...

The Whale was quite possibly the best movie Ive ever watched in terms of the performances and themes in the film.

Words are not able to express the poignant masterpiece that is The Whale

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer March 20, 2023

My mom told me a few months ago that there would be a new Brendan Fraser movie coming out. Truthfully, that didn’t mean much to me at the moment; that is, until I watched the trailer.  This was the...

Senior Caroline Stevens butterfly tattoo is a recent addition to her collection of tattoos.

Tattoos provide an outlet for FHC students to express themselves in a different way

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer March 15, 2023

Senior Levi McKenzie’s connection to his dad’s side of the family is proudly and permanently displayed on his leg in the form of his family crest. As many do, Levi chose to embellish his skin and...

If given the chance, Id look at the world through the lens of a classic Polaroid: entirely uninvolved and yet vulnerably involved.

Oh, to see me through the dissociated lens of an archaic Polaroid

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer March 13, 2023

She gets out of bed, sometimes well-rested but often depleted and frazzled, her monstrous hair encompassing her face rather than framing it.  Her alarms didn’t get even remotely close to waking her....

One of the movie posters for Creed III, featuring the titular character.

Creed III is a nearly perfect continuation of the Creed story if you can ignore one major issue

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer March 5, 2023

Most people don’t know this about me, but I am a die-hard Rocky fanatic. I’ve seen them all multiple times—except Rocky V, the worst of the series—so when the Creed franchise was released, I was...

Marie Betz displays a happy demeanor wherever she is, but particularly on the track.

Marie Betz finds solace during track season

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer March 1, 2023

Junior Marie Betz, despite being a fun-loving person and finding her knack in whatever environment she may be placed into, finds comfort in one activity above all others: running on the track. On her...

The little girl lives inside me still, watching my every move and reminding me to keep loving.

Just keep loving

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer February 27, 2023

I’ve been hurt, and, more often than not, I was the one to supply the means for it to be done. The little girl I once was stays and watches—dormant in her actions, but not her thoughts—with dried...

The movie posters for Knock at the Cabin are all unique in their style and portrayal.

Knock at the Cabin was enough to keep me engaged, but came short of leaving me fully satisfied

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer February 20, 2023

I have always been a huge fan of the great filmmaker, M. Night Shyamalan, known for such iconic films as The Sixth Sense, Split, and The Visit. He always manages to leave viewers completely entranced,...

Mrs. Andersons classrooms walls are covered with personal bits of student interaction.

Students at FHC have their preferred learning environments, and the teachers do their best to accommodate them effectively

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer February 16, 2023

American Sign Language teacher Kimberly Anderson’s classroom is anything but bare: previous students’ painted wall tiles, artwork, and colored string lights are displayed in order to create a more...

A pigeon was dyed pink with toxic dyes, and this is just one of the events at a gender reveal that turned to disaster.

Gender reveals are insidious stunts that don’t deserve to be recognized in the light that they are

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer February 13, 2023

I always thought the cute, small gender reveals were precious. A banner or a game or a cake revealing the sex of an unborn baby to the parents-to-be and their loved ones is a special moment all around. Gender...

I am the happiest Ive been in my life, and its all by virtue of the amazing people I have around me.

It will be no more than a memory

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer February 6, 2023

Eventually, it will leave. It will be gone. Words cannot express the simultaneous heartache and felicity I feel.  It’s almost a grief, this feeling; a yearning for some miracle to occur, in which...

Wes Baldwin participates in a pool league weekly, and it has taught him many things about life.

Wes Baldwin’s passion for pool has served as his “cue” to participate in the sport more often

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer January 30, 2023

Junior Wes Baldwin has always enjoyed the game of pool, even when he caught himself in the wake of a very angry middle-aged man who had lost to him. Despite being young and having much less experience...

The iconic Dodge Challenger will be going fully electric, changing my view of the car forever.

Iconic car manufacturers are going all-electric—and here’s why it could be a disaster

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer January 30, 2023

Recently, I’ve become surrounded by talk about cars, and looking into the drama involved with them has turned into one of my guilty pleasures. I have a 2012 Ford Escape with a plethora of issues, so...

I am so blessed to have these beautiful humans in my life.

A letter to my boys

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer January 23, 2023

Dear Eiden and Rory, I’m so proud of you both.  I’ve been blessed enough to watch you boys grow into beautiful humans. I know that I get upset sometimes, and I know that I’m not always the...

Katya Berjawis colorful book collection is just one representation of the possibilities in the world of home library organization.

Book lovers have the potential to make school a more compassionate and empathetic place

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer January 17, 2023

It’s not difficult to imagine a child sneaking their DS or their iPad under the covers after lights out. English teacher Lisa Penninga, however, had an affinity for hiding a different pair of items:...

One of the movie posters for the film, an iconic embodiment of Whitney.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody was a seemingly uninformed representation of the life of Whitney Houston

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer January 15, 2023

The exact moment we heard there would be a movie about Whitney Houston’s life story, my mom and I started fangirling. We automatically assumed it would be phenomenal, but, as I would later find out,...

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex are facing scrutiny based on Harrys newly-released memoir.

Is Prince Harry’s unfiltered sharing of secrets in his new memoir really going to help him reconcile with the Windsors?

Eva LaBeau, Junior Writer January 10, 2023

It’s no question that the royal family has been subject to many controversies in recent years, but the most recent certainly takes the cake.  No, I don’t mean the February ordeal which exposed...

Alaina Lundgren remains content depsite the struggles she faces along the way.

Alaina Lundgren’s unique outlook on life is largely by virtue of the presence of a rare disorder

Eva LaBeau, Staff Writer January 8, 2023

During her childhood, senior Alaina Lundgren had begun to realize that it’s not exactly normal for her joints to pop out of their sockets on a daily basis. While speaking to other people about it, she...

This is one of the many books to spark the undeniable nostalgia for a time Ive never known.

In a world so corrupt and tainted, how else to cope but to escape into anemoia?

Eva LaBeau, Junior Writer January 5, 2023

There’s nothing that hurts me more than the incredulous hate that our world, for some unknown reason, seems to revolve around. Anemoia is defined as the nostalgia for a time one has never known, and...

A photo I captured of the moon; even one of the most seemingly perfect beings in this galaxy has its imperfections.

You’ve found perfection in an entirely imperfect being

Eva LaBeau, Junior Writer December 7, 2022

I know full well that I’m not perfect, but thank you for making me feel like a part of me could be. I know that perfection is ultimately unattainable. It’s an unachievable concept in its entirety....

Addison Groesser displays her loving demeanor wherever she goes.

Addison Groesser is in her element during the season of giving

Eva LaBeau, Junior Writer December 4, 2022

Sophomore Addison Groesser donated $450 to the Kid’s Food Basket as a fifth grader.  This wasn’t $450 of money she just had lying around her bedroom; rather, it was the sum of every gift she would...

Im truly happy and conscious of my own needs for the first time in so long.

Profoundly aware, I welcome it

Eva LaBeau, Junior Writer December 1, 2022

Over the course of my life, my priorities have remained steadily in the emotional realms rather than the superficial ones. I’ve always been profoundly aware of my surroundings—and, admittedly, frequently...

One of the posters for the series, featuring the two main characters

The Patient left me physically drained, yet completely satisfied in every respect

Eva LaBeau, Junior Writer November 24, 2022

I love the Harry Potter franchise with my whole heart, so when I saw Bill Weasley’s (Domhnall Gleeson) face on the cover of a new Hulu psychological thriller, I had to watch it.  The Patient, starring...

All four NHS officers at the NHS induction ceremony.

The National Honor Society’s executive board has created new avenues for students to explore the world of giving back to their community

Eva LaBeau, Junior Writer November 21, 2022

Though being near blood is known to make many people anxious, senior Max Cooper tends to appreciate anybody who participates in blood drives through FHC.  Being a part of the National Honor Society...

TikTok has become a dangerous breeding ground for self-diagnoses and worry.

Faking mental illness isn’t “main character energy,” it’s an inimical means of gaining attention for the wrong reasons

Eva LaBeau, Junior Writer November 16, 2022

Just because you enjoy having your pens color-coded or your books all in a row doesn’t mean you have OCD. Just because there’s a happy day followed by a sad day every now and then doesn’t mean...

Clue Q&As: Sully Lower

Clue Q&As: Sully Lower

Eva LaBeau, Junior Writer November 11, 2022

Grade: 10 Role: Mr. Boddy & Chief of Police Why do you enjoy being in the play? "I really love how connected the cast is. We all get along really well and support each other on set." What made...

Clue Q&As: Paige Harsevoort

Clue Q&As: Paige Harsevoort

Eva LaBeau, Junior Writer November 11, 2022

Grade: 11 Role: Ze Cook Why do you enjoy being in the play? "I enjoy being in the play because I love the environment, people, and experience of getting to be in a role where I can be creative." What...

Im happier than I have been in so long; I have Apple Pie, in part, to thank for that.

I’ve finally found my apple pie, baked just right

Eva LaBeau, Junior Writer November 8, 2022

“Me oh my / I found you under an April sky / And you feel like / City life, apple pie baked just right / Home is wherever you are tonight.” I want a ‘57 Chevy Bel Air so I can drive down backroads...

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