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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The end of the beginning: oh, how she loves being a woman

Dawn LaBeau
Oh, how I love being a woman; that will never change.

Oh, how she loves being a woman.

Each day has its own halcyon routine—albeit quite disorderly in nature—somehow simultaneously brand new yet consistently following the same order as the day before.

She has always held a deeply rooted appreciation for the simpler things in womanhood, like getting ready for the day at the jumbled mess of the bathroom counter with her mother at the beginning of each day and tearing her room apart to find that one pair of pants that she can’t rest without finding.

Oh, how she loves being a woman.

She contains so much joy about the smallest facets of her life: seeing the deer in her backyard in the evening, making appreciation cards for her favorite people, answering all of her Snapchats before bed, getting ready with her friends for whatever the next adventure may be, and watching the new episodes of the same, stupid soap opera with her parents every night.

It is so far from any other type of life to be had–it’s an idea that a man could never fully understand in its entirety.

Her sisters being so much older than her, she’d never had the same type of bond that can be held by siblings closer in age, but they were sisters nonetheless, and that’s all she could have asked for. While she would never give up the dynamic present with her sisters, her best friends serve as that kind of bond; they’re the light of her day, always coming up with some stupid remarks about one another to make fun of one thing or another. She’s watched them grow so much through the years she’s known them, and they’ve watched her grow, too.

Oh, how she loves being a woman.

The late nights of echoing, rambunctious laughter, staying awake until morning watching movies, and doing makeup for no particular reason are the moments that occupy such a large space in her heart, and they always will.

The entire six hours leading up to any school dance are spent together, doing each other’s makeup, helping with hair, listening to music, and getting ready in every way necessary.

Being a woman is a beautiful thing, and she is becoming so cognizant of the nuance and felicity that can be discovered through one’s femininity.

It is so far from any other type of life to be had—it’s an idea that a man could never fully understand in its entirety.

And, through womanhood, she has learned so much.

She has learned that, even with its tribulations and occasional horrors, she loves being a woman.

Oh, how she loves talking for hours upon hours with her mother about drama and love and life while playing cards and watching musicals together.

Oh, how she loves the idea of going into a store with her favorite people and shopping for hours, possibly not even buying anything.

Oh, how she loves driving with her friends with her windows down in the summer, blasting music, and simply being girls.

Oh, how she loves being a woman.

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About the Contributor
Eva LaBeau, Publicity Managing Editor
Eva LaBeau is a senior entering her second year on The Central Trend. She takes on everything she does with great passion, specifically when relating to her hobbies and academics. Whenever she can, she writes or draws whatever is on her mind. Raised by an artist and an avid music fanatic, Eva listens to music and loves to create art of all forms every chance she gets. Realistically, anybody could likely say that her 340-hour (and still growing) primary playlist is one of the most convoluted out there. Aside from her art, Eva spends as much time as she can with her family and friends, and she never hesitates to let them know just how much she appreciates them. Being a part of the community housed in Room 139 will forever be an unmatched feeling to her, and she'll forever love the beautiful people she has met and continues to meet along her journey thus far. Hopefully, her senior year at FHC will be the best one yet, and she wouldn't want to take it on with any other people. Favorite color: sage green or warm tan Favorite mascara combo: L'Oreal Telescopic Lift in Blackest Black and Morphe Make It Big in Bold Black Car: 2012 Ford Escape named Harvey (Very) irrational fears: velvet, people taller than 6'7", 2-door cars, and bodybuilders, among others.

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  • L

    Lily BoumaFeb 17, 2024 at 4:39 pm

    Eva, I love this so much. You have such beautiful talent and I am so happy that I have the privilege to call you my best friend <3