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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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Jacob Scott has found his presence both on and off of the stage

Jacob Scott
Jacob Scott has found comfort in the most unexpected of places: the stage.

One of junior Jacob Scott’s most recent endeavors involved the tragic passing of a beloved mouse and its subsequent funeral.

The mouse was under his car, and, after managing to coax it out, events ensued that led to the poor rodent’s death. 

While obscure and quite unusual, Jacob would never have experienced this overbearing loss and countless other memories if not for one extracurricular activity: theatre. 

“I did theatre last year, and it was quite an experience,” Jacob said. “I’d never done anything like that before, so it sort of threw me in with everybody else and I had to work through it [as best I could]. This year, it makes a bit more sense because I know the system and I know what I’m doing. I decided to do it last year to help support the theatre, but I didn’t think I was going to like it, but I found out I actually loved it.”

Jacob’s affinity for theatre is something that he had never expected from himself, but he has found a sense of joy in his participation. As any person can likely attest, finding a hobby that makes one happy is hard to do, and it often comes with challenges. 

After the first couple of practices, the community and friendships you build make it all worth it.

— Jacob Scott

Jacob has experienced these challenges, and he has come to find that he enjoys theatre more than anything. 

“I tried basketball, and that didn’t work,” Jacob explained. “I tried soccer, and that didn’t work, either. I tried a bunch of different sports, but they all just didn’t work for me. I even tried debate club, but I ended up failing miserably in that, so I dropped it. [And then, I found] theatre; I think acting is just a big thing for me that I enjoy a lot.”

While it’s a huge time commitment, theatre has become a large aspect of Jacob’s everyday life, which he wouldn’t change for the world. 

This year, Jacob is putting in the time for his character to be as great as possible: Leaf Coneybear in the upcoming production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. 

“Last year, I was part of the ensemble and I had a very small part,” Jacob said, “but this year, I have a lead role, so there’s a lot more time taken for rehearsals and a lot more time out of my life. I had so much more time last year, and now it’s next to nothing in terms of time. I was able to find plenty of time to do it this year, but last year was busy because I had a lot of work stuff.  I’m not excited about the Saturday practices that I have to be there for, but it’s totally worth it.”

Jacob’s participation in the necessary rehearsal time is a vital part of his performance, so he maintains a happy mindset for the outcome of the musical as a whole.

Considering the vast difference between his role in last year’s play compared to this year’s, Jacob is looking forward to certain aspects of the production more than others; primarily regarding his stage presence. 

“I’m definitely more excited to be on stage for longer,” Jacob said. “Last year, I was on stage for a minute or two, but this year, I’m on for most of, if not the entire show. I never would have thought of myself to be a stereotypical theatre kid, but after I had that first experience last year, I feel like I’ve found my belonging.”

Jacob’s demeanor regarding the highs and lows of being a part of such a large production at FHC is one with much appreciation, as well as apprehension. 

That being said, he maintains a mindset focusing on the beauty and community he has found through FHC’s theatre department.

“I’d absolutely tell people to join theatre if they’re interested,” Jacob said, “even if you just want to help everybody out by becoming a small cast member. The small things are what make the bigger things even better. After the first couple of practices, the community and friendships you build make it all worth it.”

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