Prom Court Q&As: Gabby Hendricks

What was your reaction to the court announcement?

“I was really not expecting to be on court, but it was a nice surprise for me.”

How do you feel about being on court?

“I am really happy to be on court.”

What’s a goal you want to accomplish after senior year? 

“The main goal I want to accomplish after senior year is to get on the field as a freshman next year playing lacrosse for Jacksonville University.”

Do you have any special plans for prom night you’re excited for?  

“I am really excited to spend the night with all my closest friends and celebrate the end of our high school careers before we all leave to go to different schools around the nation.”

What’s your favorite comfort food?  

“My favorite comfort food is peaches.”

How likely are you to succeed in a zombie apocalypse? 

“I feel like I would be very successful in a zombie apocalypse since I am in pretty good shape and have good endurance, and I feel like I would also be pretty smart to avoid the zombies and stay alive.”

What’s your favorite senior year memory?

“My favorite memory from senior year is generally getting closer to my different groups of friends.”

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