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Zenash Cumings has learned many valuable things from being involved in sports

Zenash Cumings has been involved in various different sports throughout her whole life.

Despite a series of injuries this sports season, senior Zenash Cumings has been able to have a positive mindset through it all. 

Zenash began to do track all year round this year, and during the winter season, she pulled her quad two times. After taking some time off, she started to run again for the school, but unfortunately pulled her hamstring. Despite these setbacks, Zenash has managed to remain positive. 

“There’s always some positive within the negative,” Zenash said. “Because even though there’s a lot of injuries, there’s benefits from it. I’ve made a lot of friends just in CJ and Alex’s— the athletic trainers—room, from being injured.”

Zenash has been doing sports her whole life: track, soccer, basketball, and more. In her freshman year, she played four sports for school and also did club soccer. Sophomore year, she played club soccer and three school sports. Then, in her junior year, she played two school sports and club soccer. Lastly, this year she is doing track year-round. With playing so many sports throughout her high school career, she has had to learn how to manage sports, school, and her social life. 

“Sports definitely helped with my academics because when you have so much going on, then you have to prioritize your time,” Zenash said. “Especially freshmen, sophomore year, I was playing at least one sport every season. You really have to manage your time. I think that was like, that really helped with my academics.”

There’s always some positive within the negative. Because even though there’s a lot of injuries, there’s benefits from it. I’ve made a lot of friends just in CJ and Alex’s— the athletic trainers—room, from being injured.

Zenash did find it harder to make time for her friends because she prioritized getting good grades and excelling in her sport over hanging out with people. This year was the first year she was able to have a little bit more free time to hang out with friends, as she did not have a sport in the fall. 

“There are benefits and like negatives to [not having as many sports this fall,” Zenash said. “I spent a lot of time with my friends, but then that made it really hard for me to make specific time for homework because I didn’t have that structure of like, I have to do this by this time or I’m not going to get it done.”

Zenash has learned many important things from being so actively involved in sports her whole life. Growing up she did gymnastics, dance, cheer, and many other activities until she found what she truly liked. 

One of her favorite things about being so actively involved in sports is the friends she has made. It has also made her more talkative, which has allowed her to make more friends. Being a part of a team helped her build a connection with more people, and has taught her how to work with others better. Being a captain of the track team has helped improve her leadership skills, and this opportunity would never have presented itself without her participation in many different activities. 

“I’ve done sports that are team sports,” Zenash said. “So you have to work and communicate with others and figure out who’s doing what. A lot of times I’ve been put in leadership positions where I have to make sure I’m doing things right or make sure I’m involving everyone on the team. So it’s definitely helped with communication, making friends, building connections, and just being a responsible person.”

Despite many setbacks this track season, Zenash has still learned many valuable things from being on the team. 

“Even though it really sucks [that I got injured], because it is my senior year, there’s still something that you can be grateful for,” Zenash said. “Just looking for good in the negative.”

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