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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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Tyler, The Creator’s contribution to the Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring 2024 Capsule Collection gave me a whole new perspective of the brand

One of the photograph’s from Tyler, The Creator’s spring collection with Louis Vuitton.

One of my biggest hot-takes is that I absolutely despise the original Louis Vuitton print.

I wholeheartedly believe that it is vehemently ugly. I don’t like the light brown on top of the dark brown paired with the classic LV monogram. If I actually ever had the funds to purchase any designer bag, it definitely would not be Louis Vuitton.

That, at least, was my opinion before I happened across rapper Tyler, The Creator’s Instagram page, where he announced some exciting news. On March 21, Louis Vuitton will be releasing its Men’s Spring 2024 Capsule Collection, designed by Tyler himself with the help of the Men’s Creative Director and singer, Pharrell Williams. 

Now, I do not listen too much to Tyler; however, the songs of his that I do listen to are some of my absolute favorites. That being said, I have come to understand the musician’s vibes and aesthetics, especially after his most recent album, CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, which was released in 2021. Through that and other social events where he was present, it is clear that he has an eclectic personality and style that includes a wide variety of both brighter colors and earthy tones.

The vibes of Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Spring 2024 Capsule Collection definitely coincides with the upcoming season of sunny days and blooming flowers.

When looking at the collection that Tyler created, it is evident that he heavily incorporated his personal style into his designs. In an Instagram post he made regarding this line, Tyler states, “I wanted to mix my style and Louis Vuitton codes together in a way that felt slightly whimsical but could still be worn to the gas station on a Tuesday.” And after taking a look at this collection, it is clear that Tyler was able to perfectly make his vision come to life.

One thing that Tyler did for the 2024 Capsule Collection was that he added a twist to the original, and unsightly, Louis Vuitton print. Some pieces still have the dark brown background color, while others have a cream color, and then the LV monogram is a mix of light brown, pink, blue, green, and orange. I absolutely love the added colors and I feel like it makes the print ten times more appealing to the eye. This specific print is used on a luggage set, a small purse, a puffer jacket, a backpack, a windbreaker, and a handkerchief. All of which wear the design perfectly.

Tyler follows this pattern with many other clothes and accessories that have the same color scheme. For example, he designed a golf bag with club covers that have a light green and dark green checkerboard on them, alongside another luggage set, which pairs amazingly with the original set. Along with that, he has other jackets and sweaters that also have the same blue hue, and a darker version of it. All of his clothing has to be some of my favorite pieces I have seen done by Louis Vuitton. 

There was a certain accessory that stood out to me over the rest. It doesn’t follow the typical color pattern that the rest of the collection, but it definitely matches Tyler’s aesthetic. The waffle and butter bag appears to have a puffy look to it that mirrors the look of a waffle. Along with that, the usual LV monogram on the front of the bag is made to look like butter, and there is a tag in the shape of a syrup bottle hanging on the handle. I love this bag and the fact that it looks like nothing else that Louis Vuitton has ever created. While I probably wouldn’t buy it, I can still greatly appreciate how great it looks.

What is probably my favorite item in this collection is the chess board, which in his Instagram Tyler said was his favorite item as well. The pieces are either a light- or dark-stained wood, and while they may look completely normal at first, the pieces are warped to look as if they are essentially melting. I absolutely adore this concept and cannot get enough of it. While it isn’t any sort of clothing or accessory, I still believe that it blends in with the rest of the spring collection seamlessly.

Tyler, The Creator has always been able to conjure up incredible ideas, and this one is definitely one of my favorites. The vibes of Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Spring 2024 Capsule Collection definitely coincides with the upcoming season of sunny days and blooming flowers. The aesthetic of this collection also reminds me of Tyler’s clothing company, GOLF le FLEUR*. It was interesting for me to see the parallels between the two companies and see where Tyler would take his creativity with Louis Vuitton.

The most impressive thing that Tyler was able to accomplish, I believe, was that he was able to make me like the classic Louis Vuitton print just a little bit more.

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