Investigative series: Sofia Hargis-Acevedo – The eight-hour necessity

In high school, the most basic, yet dire, necessity is sleep. It is also what many high schoolers are deprived of the most. I can admit that I am a part of the fraction of sleepless students. Sleep, though it may seem as a waste of useful time to some, is far more important than we let it off to be, and it should be encouraged, not belittled. This week, beginning Oct. 18, I will dive into the importance of sleep, along with learning about fellow students and teachers’ sleeping habits.

Whether students and teachers get eight hours or three hours of sleep, they know that rest is paramount
The eight-hour necessity Q&As: Chad Scholten
The eight-hour necessity Q&As: Alex D’Alexander
The eight-hour necessity Q&As: Grace Berlin
Busy schedules disrupt students’ sleep cycles, which leads to unhealthy habits
A plea to the rest I cannot seem to grasp

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