2023 Winterfest Court Q&As: Megan Fox

How do you feel about being on Winterfest court? 

“I was very surprised that I made it on the court, and I’m also really excited because I think I’m the only person who wants to do the lip sync, just because I like to dance. So I think it’ll be interesting [to see] everybody’s lip syncs.”

What was your reaction to the announcement? 

“I was very surprised.”

How will Winterfest night play out for you? 

“I’m actually in a group with three other people on court, so it’ll be fun because we’re all grouped together.”

Who do you think should have been nominated? 

“I think that Ashley Yarnell should have been nominated because she was the student director and has been the student director of the musical. And, I feel like the musical has so many people in our grade that are involved in it. So I was expecting her to be nominated for all the hard work she’s put in for that.”

Explain why people should vote for you as queen? 

“I tried to be a part or be friends with people in all different friend groups instead of being stuck in one friend group.”

What is your favorite senior year memory? 

“I really enjoyed dancing at the Homecoming assembly [with the] dance team.”

Would you ever go skydiving? 

“I actually would. I actually want to go skydiving. I feel like it would be fun, the thrill of it.”

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